Friday, March 7, 2008

Chels's Symptoms: Revisted

For those of you who have been reading about my daughter Chels on here and her recent health issues, this may be repeat of some information.  Those that are just stopping by, well, hopefully some of this information can help or even, maybe, someone will have some insight.

Chels just turned 14 yesterday...woohoo!  Yet another teenager in the house!

I say this because I already have an 18 year old in college and a 16 year old who drives us absolutely batty with laziness.  Although the older two live with their father in Northern Virginia, I talk to them quite often and we visit as much as possible. 

That all being said, we 'think' Chels's symptoms began months ago.  As early as last year Chels has had issues, but we were not aware they  may be related until recently.


The Beginning

She began with strange back pain in the middle of her back (thoracic region) that was quite debilitating.  The doctors were so concerned they sent her for an MRI, to a Neurologist and put her on Neurotin which is a medication used for nerve pain.  While nothing was 'officially' diagnosed, they did know 'something' was going on.

They were concerned because we have Anklosing Spondylitis in the family, along with other joint, bone, spine problems.


Chest Pain

The last six months have been filled with strange occurrences of chest pain.  First it started on the right, back, kidney region.  Even her doctor thought it was kidney related.  As usual though, all tests came back normal.  No infections, kidney functions were perfect.  This pain would travel from one side to the other.  Sometimes in the front and sometimes in the back. 

While the mention of constipation came up, I determined this was not the case.  Chels was not constipated. 

How could this be?  She not only loves vegetables and other fibrous foods, but drinks plenty of water.  She was using the bathroom frequent enough not to be constipated, although this can happen since she has Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  This just didn't feel right to me.


Recent Issues

Chels woke up on February 11th in extreme pain.  She could barely walk her legs were hurting so bad.  Her fingers, hands, feet, knees....all were hurting, slightly swollen and she couldn't make fists.  She had a migraine type headache and really bad neck pain and stiffness.

I thought to myself and even told her, "Oh no, you have the flu."

I figured some ibuprofen and rest would make her feel better.  Since she does have Hashimoto's, I felt I should take her in for the doctors to give her a flu test.  At least then they could treat her with a viral drug if she indeed had the flu.

Well, no flu! 

Me:  "What, no flu?"  "No, this can't be!"

Doctor:  "No flu."  "Let us do a finger prick to see if she has something viral or bacterial going on."

Me:  "Ok, sure, why not." 

Now at this point I am a bit concerned, but nothing dramatic.

Finger prick results came back in about 15 minutes with a 'possible' viral something or other showing up.  Nothing major was evident though; meaning nothing really stuck out to anyone.

We went home, continued with treatment....

More to come tomorrow!


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Tammy said...

Happy 14th Birthday to Chels!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday.
I just hope she's already feeling better. It's terrible when our kids are sick.

Laura said...

Thanks so much and Chels saw your well wishes and Happy Bday notes. She thought that was very sweet and so do I. :)