Thursday, March 6, 2008

Men and Their Cars...

What is a woman to do?  Love them I guess!

That being said, my husband's baby is his 1996 Black Ford Mustang SVT Cobra.  He purchased this vehicle last fall and has been bugging me about every upgrade, etc. he wants to do to it.  Of course, am I surprised, na, not really!

Now, I will say, it is a sweet car.  It sounds great!  That deep roar of the exhaust, unlike his last car which was an Acura Integra and had an annoying ricer whine. Ugh, that car hurt my ears.

I guess you want to know the point of this post right? 

Well, we are driving along today, on our way home from running errands and a car pulls up.  This guy yells out the window:

"Dude, I love your car man, that is sweet!"   "Hey, do you think you can roar the engine for me so I can hear it?"

I just died laughing!  This grown man, speaking to someone he doesn't even know about the the sound of his engine?!  Hmmm...I could really go somewhere with this, but as this blog is pretty family friendly, I will leave it to your imagination.

Yes, hubby obliged and I just had to laugh, yet again!  Needless to say, we left that poor four cylinder sedan in the dust.  Hubby wasn't trying to do that, it just happens that way. 

Thankfully none of the 20 or so cops I had seen earlier on our adventures had been around; as he would have surely received a lovely gift we would be paying a pretty price for!


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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

My husband is happy as long as he has a truck! He is a big time Georgia boy at heart and will never give it up!

Laura said...

I definitely understand. My Dad has had the same truck since 1979. I remember when he bought the darn thing and it is still going. It is a Ford and after I think 2 transmission and other work...he using it for his it gets abused...hehe.