Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nothing New...Yet

Well, I have been hoping for that phone call telling us we can bring Chels in for her MRI earlier than Saturday; but I am not sure that is going to happen.  So far, no phone call.  Bummer!

While she is being a trooper and handling the situation really well, she is still having difficulties. 

Chels does get up and walk around a little in the house without the crutches because she needs too; not because it doesn't hurt.  At school though she requires crutches because it is even more weak and tries to give out on her. 

She wakes in the morning with pain and keeps describing it as though 'something is stuck in her knee'.  She is having to take prednisone just to get through and by the time she comes home from school, her knee is swollen and requires her to elevate it for an hour or so.

Once the swelling is down some she can play a little.  What I mean by play is; she tries to run around and have fun, but it is more of a limp run.  We chuckle about it when we can.  She is playing spring soccer so we will see she how that goes.  I am not sure how much she will get to play at this point, but at least she is trying to get some exercise.  As I stated, she is a trooper! 

I think I would be whining more than kid in a toy store not getting their way at this point. 

So, we are still in the waiting phase, yet again!  I do feel bad though because she is having to deal with kids at school picking on her and telling her how she is faking.  You cannot fake something like this and I know my kid...some kids are just mean.  Thankfully, I am not in middle school anymore!

Thanks for all of the well wishes!


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K Trainor said...

That poor kid! She sounds like a real trooper. Hope she gets some relief soon. :)

Jocelyn said...

Just stopping by to say hi! :)
BTW, we have new giveaways and a winner to HMP Mom Blog of the Month, pls stop by sometime when you get a chance. Thanks and hope you're having a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

Please keep us up to date...I'm especially wanting to know because of my son's similar condition!!! It's really scary, isn't it?!

Laura said...

Thanks and yes I will beloved mama. We just got back from soccer and she seemed to do okay, although she is complaining of her knee hurting really bad. I guess it is time to bring out the meds. :)