Monday, December 15, 2008

Party Pooper or Seasonal Depression?

I do not care for labels. That being said, I think I am a real holiday party pooper. I seem to be all a go for the Christmas season, but when it comes right down to it, this year I just do not have that oh so happy feeling to go along with the season.

Could it be the fact my husband is being layed off January 15th? Could it be we barely have any money to purchase gifts for our 5 children this year? Could it really be as simple as stress or money worries?

I was not feeling to cheery around the holidays last year either and they had a pretty good Christmas.

Part of me feels guilty about not being an exceptional financier, but the other part thinks; well, the kids are going to have to learn sometime that we cannot have all the things we want all the time. While part of our situation comes down to poor financial planning, the rest is we just have a big family and life has become extremely expensive. One in college, one a senior in high school, another in high school, one in middle school and one left in elementary school.

Not to mention all of the money that has gone out for school needs.

Well, no matter what the problem; as you can see, blogging has not been a priority, nor as fun as it use to be. I think I am going to visit some of favorite blog sites today and see if I can lift my mood a bit.

Thanks to all who still hang around; true blogging friends indeed!


Anonymous said...

I understand your holiday blues. I think many people are experiencing the very same thing. My husband has been fortunate enough to maintain his hours at work, but come January, we don't know what his work week will entail, because his company supplies parts for the Big Three. We all know where that's going...
My daughter's birthday is Saturday, so not only do we have Christmas to worry about, we also have her birthday gifts. We've been blessed as far as finances go, but times are still tough. This week, I have to finish Christmas/Birthday party shopping, pay our van payment, as well as other utilities. On top of all that, I'm due with #4 in January so we are saving money now for the lack of large paycheck that my husband will receive. (He gets paid for 40 hours of vacation, but normally works a 60 hr work week.) I don't know how we'll squeeze it all in. I hope you have a Merry Christmas despite the blues you are feeling :)