Monday, November 17, 2008

Funny Mondays

So I am finally getting another Funny Mondays post up here. I have been such a slacker, but no excuses, just a slacker.

I will say, for the last three weeks I have been rather sick. It started with a simple cold, went to bronchitis and I am still fighting it. Today I woke up with a sinus headache; oh so much fun. My doctor has me on an inhaler and you know, by the time night hits, I am coughing again; go figure? I have not been this sick in a long time. Yucky!!!

So here ya go! These are not funny videos or jokes; these are some weird, strange and rather funny news items I have found....Enjoy!

On News of the Weird dot com, it is reported that in one Austin, Texas neighborhood the city/county has been performing sewer maintenance. While this in itself is not weird or funny, the fact they are supposedly having to refill the big gaping hole every night before they leave because of some law that does not allow for traffic disruptions is hilarious. It is great this neighborhood's government does not want to put their drivers under any undo stress or inconvenience, but hey; sometimes it just has to happen. I cannot imagine the amount of time and money (tax payer) that is having to go into their sewer project because they do not want drivers to have to take a detour or wait a few minutes for a road worker.

Some people....I just leave that open for you to fill in! :)

On Yahoo I came across a story today about a German who was arrested for murder. Did he kill with a knife, gun or other popular weapon? Nope

This poor sap killed via a gas explosion. Something out of the movies right? Not really! He was trying to kill himself; yep himself. The explosion caused the apartment building in which he lives to blow killing his neighbor. The reason..."he was lovesick". Awww, poor fella. Now he gets to spend a very long time behind bars for being a pure idiot.

The Ultimate in Stupidity

A truck driver in Wheat Ridge, Colorado is found to be under the influence after he has an accident. Not a surprise, but get this; he was driving a beer truck. Can we say DUH! What the hell were you thinking?

Any more stupid moments in the news you care to share, go ahead and post them or send them my way. I really wonder about people sometimes and it seems that more and more people lack any form of common sense these days.