Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Ju Jitsu Tournament

My hubby had his first Brazilian Ju Jitsu tournament on August 2, 2008. Don't laugh and no he isn't THAT old! Yes, he is 37 years of age, but has lost almost 20 pounds from Ju Jitsu training and is having a blast. I can honestly say that Ju Jitsu has definitely improved him not only physically, but mentally and I am sure it is a great stress reliever.


The point of this post is to showcase my husbands work and how proud we all are of him! He may not have won his first match, but he sure as hell tried and put his all into the match. His black belt even told him he did really well.

This picture shows the start of the match. My hubby is the one being taken down and his head/chin is on his opponents back. Fortunately, he did not get taken down, not yet at least. This match was exciting, amazing and our children loved watching their dad. It was wonderful to see our children rooting for their dad and we had a blast, as a family, supporting DAD!

Below is the slide show with the tournament photos:


Tammy said...

Congrats to hubby! A lot of my brothers are into that.

K Trainor said...

Go Dude! :D