Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bernie Mac and The Bernie Mac Show

MrBernieMac I do not discuss television too often on here except to complain about my sucking parenting by way of the ole TV.  I felt like discussing the death of Bernie Mac because it so shocked me and my family.  We love Bernie, his show and his stand up routines.  I laughed many a night watching the Bernie Mac Show.


While I have never seen his stand up routine in person, I have watched him on the television and found him not only funny, but quite refreshing.  It is nice to see a man who discusses raising children in such a fashion that would have many child advocacy groups screaming foul.  Bernie Mac was a real gem, hilariously funny and in my opinion; to young to die.


Yes, he was 50 years old and yes he had an auto-immune disorder (sarcoidosis) that he knew could contribute to his death one day; but that still does not make his death any less sad or upsetting. Bernie actually died from pneumonia, but I still think his saroidosis played a role; after all, this disease does affect the lungs.  I do not make a big deal about stars/celebrities as they are just human beings with a really exciting way to make a shit load of money; but when there is one I really like and seems to be genuine, I make it a point to mention that person.  Bernie Mac was one such man, comedian and actor.

Whatever movie role, television role or life role; he could always make the audience laugh.  We know that Bernie is in a better place and does not have to live with the pain and discomfort of his disease any longer; but we will definitely miss Bernie and his ability to make us laugh out loud!





Kelsey said...

His death shocked me too! I saw it on my homepage and about choked on my cereal.
Thank you for the comment. I was on anti-depressants with my third. I don't think I can handle those again either, they just leave me feeling numb. I sometimes wonder if that's worse than crying all the time; not being able to cry at all. It doesn't help that my hubby's family is not being very supportive. We thought we were done at three, but apparently the Man upstairs said otherwise. We've gotten remarks about "not being able to afford four", "having three in diapers", his brother actually went as far as to tell him "I'm disappointed in you. You were raise better than that. I don't think you can afford four and you should consider adoption" Seriously, that family just oozes support *insert sarcastic laugh*. My family's all excited, but they've got so much going on in their own lives that they can't lend much moral support when I actually need it. Anyway, I've left a long enough semi-blog! Thank you again.

Rosie : ) said...

It was a shock to learn of Bernie Mac's death. I told my hubby and he said:"You're kidding me!" He checked on the Wiki and it was already posted in there.

It is sad to see a family man gone so quickly. I hope his family has suporting friends.

Tammy said...

I read about that, it's so sad.

K Trainor said...

You just never know when your time will be up. 50 seems much, much too young. :(