Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Back, Did You Miss Me?

Probably not, right?  Wishful thinking on my part I am sure!

While I may not have been missed, I can say I have missed you guys/gals.  This summer has been very hectic and not too conducive to blogging. I have had computer crashes, vacation interruptions, my 12 year old daughter Lo had foot surgery and well, just life in general; right?

Many people have more going on than me, yet I can't seem to get it all together.  That is because I have been too freaking tired.  I am also knitting a baby blanket for a friend who is due October 31, 2008.  Yes, you read that correctly, Halloween!  I need to have the blanket finished in the next couple of weeks though if I do not want to have to ship it; so, I guess blogging has just not been that important.


Thanks for remaining loyal and I will be posting more soon; I promise!





Teresa said...

Welcome back! :) Hope you finish your blanket soon! Don't work too hard!

My Blog: Cute Tee

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by Teresa and I am stopping by your site right now for a visit! I love Ts!!!

Tammy said...

I missed your funny Monday posts! I'm glad your back!

Kelsey said...

I just saw your comment on from the "You're Pregnant! What is your first reaction?" and thought I'd check out your blog. I am pregnant with my fourth, and to be quite honest, a little devastated. We thought we were done growing our family after our daughter was born. I was on the pill, which apparently I am too fertile for. My husband was scheduled to have "the procedure" done, and the doc called and cancelled on him last minute. The day after he supposed to get it done, I found out I was pregnant with #4. I could use some encouragement so if you'd ever like to comment me/email me, I have a blog at blogspot. It's
Have a wonderful day. :)

Rosie : ) said...

Thank you for posting, you had disapeared for while... I'm happy you are back!

Laura said...

@Tammy: Yes, I will brink funny Mondays back starting next week! Sorry about the break!

@Kelsey: I definitely feel for you and don't ever be ashamed of your feelings; they are yours and no one elses. I will stop by to chat soon!

@Rosie: Thanks so much, you gals are great!