Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Organization

Frühlingslandschft_Aaretal_Schweiz Why do we enjoy Spring time?  Have you ever noticed how happy people become as soon as the sun pops out and the weather gets above 50 degrees?

I have and it is only natural.  After all, most of us have been cooped up in the house (for the most part) during the winter months and WE WANT OUT!

I think it is time!  It is time for us to get ready for warmer weather and get our houses, cars and lives a bit organized.  Now is the perfect time, before all of the days become too beautiful to stay in for such chores.

My children seem to accumulate so much crud over the year (along with their parents, all though they prefer not to admit it) that it is necessary to at least purge once a year.  This is more likely to happen during the Spring season, winter is just too depressing.

As you know, I have managed to clean my girls room pretty good.  I haven't put the curtains up yet, hoping to do that soon so you can see the outcome.  My son's room is also close to being finished; now the hard part, my room. 

Oh my, I do not want to even go there; but I need to and unfortunately, that need outweighs what I want four fold.

I think a bedroom is so much nicer to sleep in when it isn't in disarray.  Once that is done, on t0 the rest of the house and then the storage shed (definitely dreading this last one).

So, whether you have just a closet or two to organize, or a whole house; don't put it off any longer.  I will show you mine and you can show me yours.  We can inspire each other!

*Picture Source*:  Wiki Commons; (*Beschreibung: Frühlingslandschaft in der Schweiz (Aaretal, zwischen Thun und Bern) *Quelle: eigene Aufnahme, KonicaMinolta Dimage-Z2 66.04.04 15:40 1/581 f/4.8 *Fotograf: [ Benjamin Gimmel,] BenHur {{G)

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Tammy said...

I have to start my Spring cleaning soon or it will be Summer cleaning. LOL

Vhiel Romion-Vance said...

Hello there

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Hope you can join in..

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