Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Daughter: Her Knee

Chel is still having problems, although, in the scheme of things, better than before.

The Chondromalacia Patella has not improved, yet I cannot say for sure if that is my fault of poor Chel's body?!  I will elaborate!


Good Mom/Bad Mom?

She is supposed to be receiving physical therapy to add in strengthening one side of her knee and until this week I just couldn't afford to send her.  It isn't necessarily expensive, but with everything that has been going on, an extra 20-30 bucks a week to visit the physical therapist was just a bit too much.  Because of this, Chels has had to wait and we have not been able to find out if the therapy will actually work.

On one hand I feel like a complete failure as a parent, on the other, I know it was either therapy or giving up something else, such as prescription drugs, food or gas.  Which one too choose?

Now, Chel has been moving around and trying to get as much exercise as her knee can handle, so it isn't like she sits on her butt all day; unfortunately, because school can be difficult for her to maneuver, she has missed quite a bit and it is causing her grades to suffer.  I personally feel she would have A's and B's right now, instead of C's and one D if it weren't for this problem.

I will be contacting physical therapy and her doctor today to see what we can do; hopefully the therapy will help and she will feel better in a couple of weeks.



~Billie~ said...

I've been through physical therapy more times than I can count... all of which was for my knees, due to soccer injuries (I was a rough player). The majority of the physical therapy they had me doing could easily be replicated at home. In fact, the last time I was instructed to participate in physical therapy, I asked for information so that I 'could' do it on my own. They gave me a print out of several exercises I could do on my own. That may be the case with your daughter, if you can't afford the PT. It wouldn't hurt to ask... maybe you can even split the visits. Ie. do some in the office and the rest at home.
Your not a bad mom!! ((HUGS))

K Trainor said...

Was going to suggest the same thing. Good luck, and I hope she feels better soon!

Nadine said...

I pray for her complete healing and for God's provision.

Laura said...

Thanks ladies!

Billie: Hugs back atcha! Yes, I guess the doctors office just has this way of making you feel horrible when you can't do what they tell you to do; for your child.

K: Thanks, yes, I know there are plenty of exercises that can be done at home, I even suggested this to the doctor. He stated that she needs "aggressive" therapy. Hmmm...hehe.

Thanks Nadine!