Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WTF? Teenagers Moody? Nawwh!

Please allow me to get through one morning without having to yell, fuss, or act in any such demeanor which is beneath me...*chuckle*.  Yeah, right; like that is going to happen with a teenager in the house.

For the past few mornings I have had the lovely pleasure of hearing my now 14 year old fussing at her siblings as though she is "The Almighty Mom". 

Nope, only room for one of those in the house....

And it is Moi, Me, Myself and I...Not HER! 

She is a good kid, but damnitall; can't she just be nice, for ONCE?  As soon as her feet hit the floor, I swear the mood regulator fails; if there ever was one. 

"Lo, get up!  It is time to get up!  Stop laying there Lo, why aren't you listening?  GET UP!," says the 14 year old mother of all.

"Little man, wake up!  No, you can't do that, you are not allowed!  Little man STOP THAT!", says the mean 14 year old again.

Of course Lo yells back at her, but it does no good; except get me riled up.  You would think they could let the "Almighty Mom" sleep in.  It isn't like I have a responsibility to take care of them after all; they are old enough, right?

Oh, wait, they haven't hit 18; shucks, I was hoping on an early reprieve. 



On a totally off topic side note, I think I will be implementing something new for each day of the week like I see other blogs.  I haven't come up with what to do for Tuesday quite yet, but you will know when I know! 


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K Trainor said...

Good Gravy! You have one too! I think every family needs a bossy teenager just to keep things in perspective.

Ours is good as gold to everyone else, but she "Mother Hens" her sister half to death. We constantly remind her WE'RE the parents, thanks.

Never a dull moment, eh?

Tammy said...

I think we have the same 14 year old. LOL

~Billie~ said...

LOL! I'm so glad I'm not there yet! My hubby's sisters sure can get on my nerves, though. Thankfully, I don't live with them and can send them back to mom!!! =)

Laura said...

LOL Billie, yes; they can be a pain sometimes. But, I am sure I was at that age too.

Tammy, you are probably correct. hehe

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Anonymous said...

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