Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nothing Too Serious, But Still...

I swear if my children didn't come down with some of the strangest illnesses my life would be so very boring.  At least they (my children) seem to offer a certain amount of "excitement" to my life. 



My 11 year old daughter Lo started with some chest pains Saturday afternoon just before soccer.  No, she wasn't nervous or anxious.  Thankfully she doesn't get that way, but apparently it was really bothering her during her game.  I wasn't there, this information was relayed to me later, when she and my husband came home.  Anyway, she had to be pulled out of the game, so I know the pain was pretty intense.  Lo does NOT stop playing unless she absolutely has too or if she is on her death bed.

I was a little concerned because she did look overheated when they got home.  I made her rest for a while, drink more fluids and even put ice on her neck since her heart seemed to be racing a bit.  None of these things helped.  I had her take some ibuprofen, no help either.

At this point, kind of at a loss, but still not too worried. 

Now I am thinking allergies!  I had her take her allergy meds, nothing.  Hmmm, she kept complaining about this pain at night.  It is worse at night!  Reflux?  Could she be having some type of allergic reaction?  Nope!  No amount of antacids worked or allergy meds.  Well, I am totally baffled.  She is not sleeping well and the pain is pretty intense at times.  She complained of it being a stabbing type pain.

I decided it was time for a doctors visit yesterday.  Thankfully we were in and out of there in an hour.  She was easily diagnosed!  Costochondritis

I know, what the heck is Costochondritis?  Well, it is inflammation of the cartilage, where the ribs attach to the sternum (breast bone).  Only my daughter!  No, there is no specific cause; either overuse, allergies, virus...basically anything goes as far as the cause. So now she just has to rest, can't get too much exercise (yeah right) and take ibuprofen.  If she isn't better in a week they want to do an xray.  I am sure she will be fine, but this is just nuts isn't it?



On a GREAT note; my daughter Chels who had all kinds of inflammation and other symptoms that no one has been able to diagnose is feeling a bit better.  Her knee is doing well and although she is still experiencing occasional inflammation all over her body, we are learning how to handle it and treat it accordingly.  Recently she had what we thought was an intestinal virus.  I noticed though she was also having some rib pain again (Pleurisy).  I told her she needed to take the Prednisone just to see if it would help.  I had a hunch her intestinal issues may be another for of inflammation in her body.  Well, after taking the Prednisone she miraculously felt better. 

Hmmmm, I wonder if we are on to something here?