Monday, April 28, 2008

Funny Mondays

I have some obvious funnies and maybe some "not so" obvious funnies!  You be the judge!


thumb463x_Macbook Ballmer GI

Is that an Apple Notebook at a Microsoft Convention?



Self Explanatory


I don't know about you; but I would be rather upset if my son made it in the paper and the editor didn't catch this typo...oh my!


Look real closely.  Not funny if it is happening to you, but so funny to see it happen to someone else!


I hope everyone's weekend went well.  Mine was pretty busy, but good!  While I love my flowers getting rain; the rain we keep getting happens around Sunday and doesn't end until Tuesday.  This has been happening for the last few weeks and getting old.  We should be out of a drought by now; shoot, about a foot of rain in three weeks should about take care of it, right?

Have a great Funny Monday!


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Tammy said...

The first one is my favorite! That's hilarious!!!

K Trainor said...

That first one is cute, but my favorite is 'stupidity'. LMAO!

Laura said...

Thanks ladies! I love searching and finding the funny stuff, it really lightens my day. :)