Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Organizing The Kids Room

Have you ever walked into your kid's room and wondered what died in here? Or how about when you attempt to enter their room and you either trip over stuff on the floor or step on something and end up saying so not so nice words because your foot is killing you? Well, the last few months have been pure H-E-double hockey sticks (I try to keep it clean: sometimes).

So I mentioned in this post I am currently working on my daughters' room. Boy did it need some work. Well, I finally have a before picture.

Check these out and these are just part of the room:



While letting my children's room become like this is rather embarrassing, I do know I am not the only one who has issues dealing with their children cleaning their rooms. I also know getting a teenager and pre-teen to work together in this venture is almost impossible.

Image, just for a minute: Bull vs. Matador Get the picture? Well, 14 year old and almost 12 year agreeing on anything when it comes to cleaning their room is like that:


I found this picture (via Google images:, which so eloquently shows my dilemma with the girls.

So, even though I have felt like crap, I have been helping them get their room organized and clean. What a huge undertaking, but it definitely needed to be done.

This picture is from yesterday, which shows the bed in a different position. As you can see of course, the room has yet to be finished.

Photo_031108_001 I worked on their room a bit today, boy what a difference. How do they manage to get it this messy? I just do not understand.

Sorry these pictures aren't the clearest. I had to use my cell phone camera because I cannot find the charger to my expensive digital SLR camera. I think I left it somewhere; because it is no where in this house. I know, how dare me!

I will post more pictures later of the progress. Just know, it is starting to look really good and I am excited to finally get their room looking, not only the way I like it to look, but the way they want it to look.

The girls will even get new curtains and such. Spring is in the air and I am feeling frisky...oops, sorry, that is for another post! *snicker*


Tammy said...

I've given up on my teenagers bedroom! I'm hope some day that I'll be able to see the floor again, but I'm not holding my breath. lol

Laura said...

:) I definitely understand. I guess I can only take it for so long. They are not allowed to have food in their room, yet what do I find? Cracker crumbs and bowls...hmmm...I think someone has had food up there...haha. What answer do I get? I don't know! Yes, "I don't know" is all I ever hear.

Now, in their defense. I remember saying "I don't know" quite a bit as a teenager. My mother hated it too. :)

Beth is wfg said...

I honestly don't think my daughter has a floor. I haven't seen it in ages, anyhow. Every time I bring up cleaning her room, she rolls her eyes and groans. "I like it messy, though!" is what I hear. ugh.

K Trainor said...

Ooooooh you GO, girl! I've been itching to do our girl's room for ages, but I never have a full day to give up for it. (Read: Don't WANT to. Hmmm....I think that's what dd said....)

Laura said...

Yes, I have needed to do this for a long time; but just couldn't (really didn't want to either). But now that I am almost done, I am very happy I did. :)

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

"Have you ever walked into your kid's room and wondered what died in here?"

Only EVERYday!