Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

GardenI love, love, love Spring!  Did I say I L-O-V-E, LOVE Spring? 

Oh, sorry I did!

Well, while I love the weather that we have had this weekend, it also brings out the need to change my house and clean.  Which of course means additional work.  Ugh, do I really have to work more?

Now, I haven't gotten to the actual Spring Cleaning quite yet, but I am getting there.  What I have started is the moving and organizing of items, furniture and in particular, my children's rooms.  It is amazing what they can accumulate in the their rooms in a short period of time.

I am weeding through their clothes, hanging new curtains and blinds and the girls have already rearranged some of their furniture.  Thankfully they do some of that heavy work and leave me to the lighter work.  They are extremely helpful!

Tomorrow, after I have checked if I have a new projects available; I will be working on their room again to try and help.  I do not really like them concentrating too hard during the week on a lot of chores.  I think kids really should be worried about homework and studying, not rearranging their room. 

Don't get me wrong; they do have chores.  I just do not think they need to be bogged down by chores during the week.  Grades are extremely important!

Once we get their room all fixed up, I will take some pictures.  Actually, I think I will take some before shots tomorrow and then once the room is after picture will be posted.

I love redecorating!  Woohoo!



Demon23... said...

Yeah... I am big into redecorating... I am straight... but I dig the whole making a room an extension of myself, as if it was another element to me.

Jess said...

I was thinking the same thing yesterday...A few things to get in order today and then I am on to organizing and decoration!

~Billie~ said...

WooHoo! I love before and after shots. I can't wait to see them! I've been 'spring cleaning' for months now... over-and-over. Actually, I think it's just the hormones. LOL!

Skittles said...

I love spring cleaning, too! Everything is so nice and fresh when it's all done.

You asked about the tape dispenser? I found it doing a Google search for weird or strange things.. something I always go searching for for the caption winners. Maybe you could try looking for "cute tape dispenser" or something?

While I'm here I'd like to invite you to play my weekly meme called Heads Or Tails! You can read all about it in my right sidebar. We usually have about 55 players every week. :)