Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gotta Have Your Oysters?

Do you enjoy eating oysters? Be Oyster Aware discusses the safety of Gulf Oysters and the bacteria they may contain.

I grew up around the water and have eaten everything from fish, octopus to oysters.  While they may not be my most favorite; they are pretty good and I do enjoy them when I get a chance to eat them.

Consumers seem to eat oysters one of two ways; raw or fried.  There are other ways to eat them of course, but these seem to be the two favorite ways to consume oysters.  I have tried raw oysters and would rather eat them fried.  Growing up in the South, well, fried is just the way we eat things.

Be Oyster Aware has some really interesting information about eating raw oysters.   Eating anything raw can put your health at risk, but with the newer post-processing available, eating oysters raw can be safer.  I honestly never thought this possible, but rather interesting.  Especially for people like my mother who very much enjoys raw oysters.

Be Oyster Aware discusses the bacteria that can make us sick and how the three different types of post-processing of oysters can help.  I think you will find this information as interesting as I have.  If you enjoy eating raw oysters, but have been afraid to do so; now you can visit Be Oyster Aware and get that much needed information you will need before eating raw again.






Jerri said...

i grew up in the North Alabama, and people in my family ate fried oysters there, but since moving to the to the Gulf Coast region of the state, I've found that more people tend to eat them raw. (since my husband is from the gulf coast region, he's a "raw oyster eater." I think they're both gross! (but that's just me!)