Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Untraceable: The Movie

Untraceable, directed by Gregory Hoblit and starring Diane Lane (as Agent Jennifer Marsh), Billy Burke (Detective Eric Box) and many others is what I would call a typical crime thriller, with a twist.

Agent Jennifer Marsh is working in the cyber crime department of the FBI when they receive a tip about a web site.  They (the agents) are not aware that the web site they are being sent to is broadcasting some of the most heinous images they have ever seen.  When they figure out what the web site is all about, they are tasked with trying to trace this new type of criminal and find out quickly that while they are tracking him, he is also watching them.

My husband and I went to see Untraceable this past weekend and loved it.  While some may not be able to see it any longer because it did come out in January; get it on DVD, you will enjoy it!

Here is a clip of Untraceable:




~Billie~ said...

Hubby really wanted to see this. I wasn't sure about it, but maybe I'll check it out after all. If nothing else, it will make hubby happy - poor guy has been watching a lot of romantic comedies, thanks to me! =)

Laura said...

We really enjoyed the movie. I am a crime, thriller, suspense fanatic. If I can't read it, I watch it..hehe.

Yeah, take hubby out on a date; he will love ya for it... :)