Monday, February 18, 2008

Lupus, RA or Something Else?

Well, we still do not know.  All we know at this time is; according to the Pediatrician, all test results are negative.  Even those  these tests were negative and my daughter's pediatrician thinks there is a possibility what she had was viral induced arthritis; it is still recommended for Chels to see the Rheumatologist.


The Rheumatologist has stated that she wants to see Chels this coming Thursday.  With my daughter's history of Hashimoto's, apparently there could be something still going on.  We will see, but so far so good and Chels is doing better.

Thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers!



K Trainor said...

Thanks for your comment on my Ugly Ass Opinion blog. Popped over here to see yours. :)

What a long and frustrating road! I'm glad to hear they ruled out some things, but how awful for your family to have to go through. I hope you find out something soon--poor little thing. Glad she's feeling a bit better.


Laura said...

Thanks so much Kelly! Yeah, you need more common sense stories, they are so funny. I think I need to post some more rants....I am definitely one that agrees with your moto. ;)

Tammy said...

I'll be praying for your daughter. I hope everything goes well with her next appointment.

~Billie~ said...

((HUGS)) So glad to hear she is doing better! Hopefully, they are able to figure out what is going on before it comes back or she gets any worse. That must be extremely frustrating - the not knowing.

Laura said...

Yeah, the not knowing is the worst. I can deal with her having an illness, even Lupus; but not knowing makes it bad because you just never know what may happen next, if anything. Thanks so much!