Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Publishing New Blogs

As I mentioned in my post Tag, Your it; Again I am interested in starting some other blogs. I normally just brain storm via the computer, but I decided the best way to keep myself organized is to write, with pen and paper, what exactly I am interesting in blogging about.

Here are some of the options I listed:

A review blog reviewing tech items such as cell phones, computer parts, laptops, etc.

A celebrity blog. I know there are many of these out there, but these are just currently ideas.

Photography blog. I am actually leaning more towards a more traditional photography site to display my photography and possibly sell.

A tech blog, but not just reviewing products but also discussing news related to the tech field.

Digital scrap booking blog geared towards layouts, but also graphics that can be used for digital or traditional paper pages by printing said images.

If you have any ideas or think I should lean more towards one or the other, let me know. I am always open for suggestions. The one thing I am having difficulty with is deciding whether or not to design the site myself. Because this takes even more time, I was thinking of leaving this for a digital scrap booking blog. I will be using WordPress.

So, this is where I am, at the moment, stuck. Which blog(s) to start and whether or not to design them myself.

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Demon23... said...

I never really was into wordpress. It was not my cup of tea. Yet to each their own. I really do enjoy blogger, I like their liberal TOS.

Laura said...

I like blogger to some degree. I know that having wordpress on my own (not free) gives me more versatility. Nice to see ya around where have you been?

Jerri said...

i think i would enjoy the scrapbooking blog.