Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend Fun!

So this weekend ended up being rather busy. I really thought I was going to have a busy weekend at home, instead I had a busy weekend with my mother. She recently had shoulder surgery for a completely torn rotator cuff tendon. It took 6 anchors in order for them to repair the tear. Needless to say she requires quite a bit of help right now.

I drove down to her house Friday afternoon (only an hour and 15 minutes away) so that we could go to dinner with my brother and other family members; it was my brother's 24th birthday. So far quite uneventful, right? Well, just wait, more excitement is coming.

Dinner was awesome! We visited a local seafood restaurant and enjoyed ourselves immensely. After we finished with dinner and drove back to my mother's house we settled down for about an hour and received a phone call; it was my brother's girlfriend, he was hurt. Apparently once they got back to her place, he was attempting to start a DVD up for them to watch and as he was standing back up from squatting, he felt something kind of snap and start burning on his heel. Of course, my mother has had Achilles tendon surgery, so she is aware of that type of pain. It was pretty bad. He couldn't put any pressure on his foot, nor could he lift his foot and leg. Any movement was excruciating.

We managed to persuade him to visit the hospital and of course they advised him on seeing an orthopedist. He is supposed to be going Monday morning and hopefully he won't need surgery. I feel rather bad for him as he is extremely active and was starting a new job (he is also finishing up college) Monday; which of course will not be happening; not just yet.

Saturday I worked my heiney off to help my mother get all of her Christmas decorations put away in her attic. Can I say I am beat? I slept so hard Saturday night I had some really crazy dreams and so did my mother. Unfortunately, she did way too much. She just had the shoulder surgery a week ago and was helping with the organization and packing of the Christmas stuff. I kept telling her to sit down and relax, but of course mom wouldn't listen.

She was worn out today and slept most of the day, of which I am very thankful. I didn't want her doing anything else; especially after we also manage to clean out her linen closet this morning before I left to come home.

I am glad I was able to help with everything, including my brother; but she needs to rest and heal and I am off to bed early tonight! :)