Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nintendo Unlocks the Wonders of the Sea With Endless Ocean: Video

A PRNewswire Press Release Jan 22, 2008 @ 13:55 ET

Redmond, Wash--Nintendo invites you to dive into a new genre of video games.  Launching this week for Wii (TM), Endless Ocean (TM) lets users discover a vast undersea adventure at their own pace.  It's like a virtual scuba vacation in the tropics that includes hundreds of different animal species, relaxing swims through brilliant coral reefs and exploratory dives on wrecks of ships and warplanes.  With the game's intuitive controls and beautiful underwater visuals, every member of the family will want a chance to dive in.

While watching this video I thought "how amazing."  My children and I absolutely love watching the Discovery Channel nature shows and now those with Wii's can experience a bit of that nature in the form of a game.  According to Nintendo and PRNewswire:

Endless Ocean contains everything you might find on a real ocean scuba dive.  Divers can find dozens of different treasures, from gold bullion to ancient artifacts. The marine biology encyclopedia lets divers record the different animals they spot and learn facts about each one.  Divers might encounter more than 230 types of creatures, including penguins, tropical fish, sharks, whales and trainable dolphins.  The stunning visuals will make you feel like your TV has transformed into an undersea portal.  Navigation is simple too:  To swim, just point the Wii Remote (TM) and press the B Button; to examine an object, just point at it and press A Button.

All I can say is; I wish I had a Wii!

Source:  Nintendo and PRNewswire