Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Guitar Hero III for the Playstation 2 (R) (TM)

I do not think I will be saying anything that hasn't already been said; about Guitar Hero III?

Well, I will tell you that I am totally addicted to this game and we have only had it since Friday evening.  My 13 year old Chels and I beat it on easy Saturday Night, but I am scared to try the medium level.  I have seen Chels play the game on medium and it is frightening. 

I know, I am a wuss, what can I say?1-800  My 37 year old fingers can only move but so fast before they start cramping up like an old fart trying to make love to his ole woman.  I am truly amazed at the number of songs I not only know, but grew up with.  Don't get me wrong, their are newer songs too; but you can't beat some SVR (Stevie Ray Vaughn)--even on easy it was difficult.

My hubby and I purchased two used guitars so that the family can play the face-off and battle sections of the game.  These are so much fun.  During face-off, each player chooses their character, which level they want to perform on (easy, medium, hard, expert), then they choose a song.  Both players play the same song, the screen is halved (first player on left, second on the right) and then you play.  At the end you find out who won, how many points each received and accuracy.  The accuracy shows each player what percentage of the correct notes they played. 

Ex:  I did a face-off with my 11 year old with the song Schools Out by Alice Cooper; my stats:  100 percent accuracy (which means I played all the notes I was given), 140 note streak (which of course is all the notes for that part of the game) and what ever my final score was; Chels couldn't believe I was 100 percent accurate.  What she doesn't realize is "Mumma is ALL THAT"....*snicker*

I would really like to have the Playstation 3 to play this game, but unless someone is willing to purchase one of my children or even my husband, then I guess the Playstation 3 is just going to have to wait.

Now, go get your music on with some Guitar Hero III; Rock ON!