Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Work, Work and More Work

Working at Home

While I love to keep busy, the past few days have been absolutely nuts. I finished up a big project for someone; of which I am extremely grateful. This person gave me the opportunity to ghostwrite for her and even though my name is not on the project, it is nice to know that I managed to finish something I have never attempted before. I was told it was good, but being my own worst critic, I still think it could have been better.

Now I have to finish three articles on digital scrap booking, which I love. I am just thankful I have the work and can keep me busy. Even though I am at home; work is work. I have found that making the kids turn off the television for a couple of hours in the evening does help, as well as not having it on during the day while I am trying to work. It is normally just on for noise, but it can get distracting.

Home Life

At the same time I was working so hard, I had to have some birthday time with my son who turned 9 years this Saturday. I have also been dealing with another ovarian cyst. These ovarian cyst are becoming an issue I am sick of dealing with; my freaking female parts are pissing me off.

The Gyno tells me unless I want surgery or to be put on birth control pills, I have to just deal with my ovary causing me pain; sometimes every month. I have had a hysterectomy, am 37 and will be damned if I want to be put on BC pills. I can just see it now; the first month I am a mess (I don't deal with the pill very well) and I have a stroke because my husband looks at me the wrong way and I get angry.

Oh well, the husband part usually happens anyway, so I guess that wouldn't really change; but I don't really want to have a stroke. If I had a stroke then my husband would have to take care of the house and kids; which of course we know would just send me into a heart attack. I can't win can I? :)

All kidding aside, the cyst hurts like hell. Oh well, this to shall pass.

Looking Ahead

So the rest of the week will be spent nursing my pain, taking care of the house, finishing my articles, working on my other web sites (still in the developing stages) and knitting.

Oh knitting you say? Yes, knitting. I had put down my knitting needles for about a year and I guess I decided to pick them back up again. I have started a beautiful sweater and I am also working on some wristers. These two patterns are in the current issue of Creative Knitting. There are so many knitting projects I want to do from this issue I can't stand it. If I just had more hands.

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Demon23... said...

aww, I hope you are feeling better? You never come over and comment :(

You do sound so busy, I think everything will settle down, when you finally retire from the CIA and can drop your cover story.

Laura said...

I have come over you demon spawn you...hehe. You just hadn't been around in a while nor posted. I will come by now though...hows that? teehee ;)

Liz said...

Sounds like a plan - I have female part issues as well and hope you feel better soon - learning to knit is on my list. Any pointers? Books? Spare knitting needles ;o)

Laura said...

Ha,ha. Knitting isn't difficult, I taught myself. Patience with yourself is key; which I rarely have; so I am so surprised I am able to knit. :) Pointers? Hmmm...get a great beginners book with pictures. Maybe I should start a video blog for knitting...wow, can I add one more blog to what I already want to do? geesh ;)

FENICLE said...

I don't blame you for not wanting to get on BC pills. I hate that dr's would rather cover up the issues, than solve them. Something has to be causing the cysts.

Anyways, I'm impressed with all the work!!!

~Billie~ said...

I love Creative Knitting! So many great ideas! I'm sorry your not feeling well. Get some rest and I hope everything gets better for you! ((HUGS))