Monday, December 31, 2007

Tag #1--Best Memories of 2007

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This year has been a great one!

2007 brought:

Working from home has been difficult, rewarding, fun and even enjoyable. But I can definitely say it has not been boring.

My Oldest Daughter:
Graduated from high school and has made me feel extremely OLD. I am so proud of her as she is now a college student on her way to making her parents even more proud.

My daughter Lo; 11 years old:
She played soccer for a rec team for the first time and did so well her coach said she is the most improved player he has ever coached. He has been coaching for over 10 years. This accomplishment was achieved even after having foot surgery at the end of June which caused much pain for her most of the time.

My third daughter; Chels:
Chels turned 13 in March and has been one of the best 13 years olds I have ever met. No, I am not saying this because she is my daughter. I am saying this because, for the most part, she listens, she tried to help and she still gives me hugs and kisses without getting all embarrassed.

My hubby:
He is over 3/4 of the way finished with school. He will hopefully have his BS (no not bulls**t) degree by May of 2007. I am extremely proud of all of his efforts. He is not only working full time; but works nights, 7 PM to 7:30 AM on a rotating schedule. Can we say, one pooped dude?

My Sis in Law:
We found out my in-laws are pregnant again with their second child. If the second is anything like the first; they will have a blast. Tubba is adorable and one funny almost 2 year old.

I am sure there is much more; much for the life of me I cannot think of them. Now I have to come up with people to tag...hmmm...who should I tag?


Laura @ Work at Home Mom to Five

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Too Busy to Clean, This Full House, and Chaos in the Country

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Nikki said...

Ok, Ok, I am taking you up on the tag!

Anonymous said...

You're on, Momma!

Laura said...

Woohoo! Thanks ladies and HAPPY NEW YEAR again!