Monday, December 31, 2007

Computer Issues and Headaches

Well, today I have both; computer issues and a headache. Now, a bit of a disclaimer; I AM computer literate. My hubby and I have built more than our share of computers; but my latest issue has thoroughly erked me.

I have a new laptop; what I mean by new: Under a year old.

So this new laptop has Vista (no Vista is not my issue..LOL) and has been running awesomely (is this even a word?). I noticed recently it has been running slowly which normally means you need to degrag, run virus scan or other general computer maintanence. Well, no go. None of those worked. I also noticed aside from the slowness that having multiple programs open caused the laptop to bog down. This should not be happening with a dual core 1.83 processor and 2 gigs of RAM. No viruses were found (virus scan is also run every single day along with spyware software).

I decided to use the recovery discs that came with my laptop; well, that didn't work. After going through the recovery process I kept getting a boot error. Hubby and I tried reformating several times and each time we attempted to reinstall windows wouldn't boot. I hate calling anyone (especially other technicians) for help, but I had to break down and do so; the laptop is still under warranty afterall.

After speaking with hubby again and the technician; we are thinking there is a bad sector on the harddrive and since, as I stated above, the computer is still under warranty, then it should be a 'free' fix. Let's keep our fingers crossed; I can always use a new harddrive.

Now my headache is just about gone. Hopefully it will totally disapate once the "Geek Squad" finishes with my laptop.


On a side note. I have been tagged twice; two separate and different tags. I will be working on those today; on my hubby's older, slower laptop.