Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Dumb Moment!

Yes, I can be dumb sometimes! Can't we all? Well, I tell you, this one takes the cake.

I have been trying to watch what I eat for last few months especially since I haven't been able to get up and exercise the way I would like because of my back and shoulder issues. I figured I better not just sit around and eat while I write; otherwise I will end up with a wider back end than my father-in-laws truck. It has helped a bit; I have actually lost some weight; approximately 20 pounds. I say great, awesome; except I need new clothes now because my pants are freaking falling off. Oops, sorry, I digress.

Since I noticed that I have been losing weight; I decided I am going to be even extra careful about what I eat. If we go out I may get something really fattening, but I may only each a quarter to one-half of it and then bring it home for later. Sometimes I even give it to my children.

So, last night I wasn't feeling well and didn't feel like cooking so hubby went to the grocery store and got me a weight watchers meal (I asked for weight watchers specifically). If you compare their frozen meals to some of the other so called healthy meals; most of the time Weight Watchers is much healthier; at least in my experiences.

Take this into consideration as I tell you why I am so dumb.

This particular meal was approximately 200 to 300 calories; then later I had a few Ghirardelli Chocolate squares for desert..hehe. I read the packaging and did you know you can eat three of these (three is a serving size) at about 200-250 calories? Not bad considering it was the kind with caramel. Later on I became a bit hungry, but I didn't eat anything; I went to bed. Although I am having difficulty sleeping as of late and I am having to take anti-inflammatory medication just to get to sleep; should this really effect whether I have 'dumb moment' or not?

Well, finally you say? Yes, finally! I felt like freaking crap this morning. I figured with only five hours sleep I should feel crappy. I got up anyway, took a shower and went out to Best Buy with my hubby. My chest was hurting so bad I told hubby we needed to stop by the doctor's office to check my blood pressure. As we were about the leave, he asked me if I could be feeling crappy because of not eating breakfast (it was almost 11am). I was like na, it must have something to do with my medication. Then, still contemplating what he said; a freaking light bulb (you know the kind on cartoons) goes off over my head.

Oh my gosh; Laura you are a freaking idiot. Not only was it probably low blood sugar from not eating; but the night before; around 7 pm I had a meal with maybe a total of 300 calories and later a desert with less than 250 calories. Now, those of you inept at math (I tease), that is no more than 550 calories over the course of 16 plus hours.

What did I think was going to happen not eating for so long? Did I really think that I could go over a half a day without food? Especially when I was walking around a store, getting some exercise; all be it not much.

Now you can laugh! My lesson for the day: Do not go over 16 hours on only 550 calories; your body will rebel.


~Billie~ said...

LOL! Glad to hear it was nothing serious, though!! I've tagged you... go check out my blog. :D

Bennie said...

Hello Laura,

Sounds like you were having a blonde moment as well -he, he, he.
P.S. Don't ever go so long without eating. You could always surround yourself with healthy snacks that are naturally high in fiber. Your body will be so busy with the digestive process that it wouldn' have a moment to spare for low blood sugar.

When I eventually get a blogroll going, I'd like to add your blog-if that's quite all right with you.

See you around somewhere. And thanks for stopping by to see me.

Laura said...

That is great! If you need any assistance, just ask; I will see what I can do. :)

Anonymous said...

Laura I am glad you were ok. This is funny and I cam totally understant forgetting to eat lol. One tip though be careful with those frozen foods they are packed with sodium and can rise your blood pressure : )

Laura said...

Yea, my husband bought a healthy choice and a weight watchers....the weight watchers won. :) I do check sodium, but thanks for reminding me. You just gave me a great idea for another post....thanks a bunch. ;)