Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Another Idiot.....Driver!

It has been a while since I complained about one our 'lovely', local drivers. You do realize that when I emphasize 'lovely' I am being facetious, right?

My children and I went out this evening to grab a quick bite to eat before we headed to Lo's Holiday Program to battle all the crazies in the parking lot of her school.

We head over to our local WaWa (gas station/convenience store) so I can utilize their ATM machine. Well, honestly, make Chels (13) run in with my card and grab me some moola out of that wonderful machine -- I wish would give me money just because I want it and not because I happen to have it in my account. After which we pull out of our parking spot and turn a slight corner and.....


I had to slam on my f***ing brakes so hard I gave Chels minor whiplash (not an exaggeration--she complained about her neck hurting later tonight) and scared the living SHIT out of me. I was only doing about 5 -10 mph, I was in a parking lot and I don't speed through parking lots. This guy, in a twin cab 4 x 4; you know the kind right? Industrial strength; just slightly smaller than a dump truck, I mean dually . Well, he starts to back up; now, I have already come around the corner and he hasn't pulled out all the way...yet. Shoot, not even a foot yet.

I am thinking in my head, ok, he will stop; but at the same time I am aware that he may not and I have to keep this in the back of my mind, right? That is good driving, correct? Ha! He KEEPS COMING! That is when I hit my brakes, hurt my daughter, laid on my horn...blah, blah, blah. I get over this fairly quickly! He may not have seen me, I can understand.

I leave, I notice he is behind me but I don't think too much of it. I come up to the next stop light to make my turn into Wendy's and he honks at me. WTF? Why is he honking? I think, hmmm, maybe he wants to apologize; awe what a nice guy!

Wrong, yet again Laura! The F'ing, white piece of redneck trash (I only say because I was pissed) flips me the mother f'ing bird! He got the last freaking word in, or should I say gesture? I think that is what I am most made about!

But why give 'me' the bird? I didn't do anything wrong! It wasn't like I had a choice on whether or not to lay on my horn. He would have hit me. I was stopped and he would have hit me! It wasn't like I could let him out; there was no room! Oh well....look below.....you will know why I was really pissed!

Me, myself and I.....wanted the last F'ing word!

*If you are offended by my moment of pissedoffness (yes I made that up.) and the use of "white piece of redneck trash", get over it. Unless you are screwing me or paying my bills, I don't care!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love your disclaimer at the end of this entry. You go girl!!


Laura said...

Thanks! Yea, I figured I would warn those that might come in and tell me how 'racists' or 'derogatory' my comment was/is. I figured my sight description does say I am NOT politically correct; so...LOL

Don Mills Diva said...

Yikes - I'm pissed off on your behalf! Just discovered your blog - really enjoying it.

Laura said...

I am glad you enjoy it; I am always surprised when people like it....LOL