Monday, May 7, 2007


As you can see I have been extremely neglectful of my blog and posting. I think my blog and the few that read it will most likely burn me at the stake or something equally terrorizing.

My part-time business as turned into a full-time business which is great; but leaves little time for much else. I actually work a normal work day plus a few extra hours in the evening or middle of the night...if needed. It is great for money, but not great for the social, love or family life. But hey, at least business is booming!!! I am very thankful for that!


My husband goes into surgery for a hernia Wednesday the ninth. I really feel for him! Poor guy can't even enjoy a good "romp in the hay" at the moment because of the pain he experiences in the "family jewel" region. Guys, if you have ever experienced a hernia; I am sorry. Women, if you had to deal with a man with a hernia...I am equally sorry. Do you guys know what it is like for a woman who is very sexual to have to forgo this pleasure just because you have some "pressure" or "pain" in the groin! I mean really. Can't you just "pump" through the pain? LOL

Seriously, I understand; but why does my libido have to kick into over-drive when I can't get any? All I am saying is....I THINK I NEED A NEW TOY!!!! ;)


I like this headline: "Is Britney A Lip-Syncher?"

Well, duh! Has she ever NOT been lip-synching? Geesh, what do these people think? She can actually sing?


Slick said...

Awww you worried about gettin your groove on when your man's hurtin?! Girl, you got two hands!

Laura said...

Two hands? Na, they don't work as well or feel 'near' the same...hehe. Speaking of which, he is waiting on the surgeon as I type. Toys work well too...teehee. ;)