Thursday, May 24, 2007

Have you missed me?

My pc has become part of my business so much that when I am done with work; I have not desire to do anymore of the ole hunk of metal and plastic. Sad, so sad. I weep for the FUN days of sitting on my ass doing nothing in front of my lover (computer). ;)

How is everyone doing? I need to revist the blogs! I have a birthday coming up next week; the 29th to be exact. I don't mind getting older; I just don't like being reminded of it; especially when my 17 year old turns 18 the day after my birthday. In case you can't do the math; that is the 30th. My birthday is the 29th and hers is the 30th.

On the medical front! My hubby's hernia surgery went well. He is still a bit sore; but hey; he finally wants SEX; so I know he is feeling better. I haven't been able to accomplish the whole SEX thing though because I had an ovarian cyst rupture over the weekend which has left the whole lower portion of my abdomen in total agony. Sharp, seering pain!

Well, I have missed everyone less last few weeks. I miss chatting with my 'Demon' buddy and all the ladies that venture to his site. I miss writing and most of all, just chilling on the pc.

Hopefully I can come on tomorrow....and bore you some more! :)


Demon23... said...

Laura hopefully you are still kicking around, much has changed since you been online. My site is still the same. come visit even if it is a "hi"

Laura said...

Hey babe! Sorry I haven't been around lately; my life has been absolutely crazy. I hope all is well with you and the family.

Check out my update and you will see! Hugs