Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yes, I have been neglectfull....Sorry!

I am going to make a concerted effort to start blogging again. I had gotten so wrapped up in my "at home" business that all of my fun times on here suffered. But alas, no more!

So, if you are interested in an update; here is a synopsis of my life since my last post!

I turned 37 May 29th of this year....woohoo. Only three more years and I hit the big 40. But didn't I just hear something about 40 being the new 30? Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, right? My eldest daughter turned 18 on the 30th--yes, the day after my birthday.

So I really started feeling old knowing I now have an 18 year old in college. Geesh, someone get my a drink! Please!

Logan, another daughter turned 11 in June and Heather turned 16. So I now have 18, 16, 13, 11 and my son who is 8 and will be 9 in January. Wow, I am old!

At the end of the summer we had our first vacation as a family in years. It was absolutely wonderful. We were in Nags Head and I went boogie boarding....oh what fun. We had so much fun we wanted to stay longer; but unless you are made of money or can grow it on trees, that wasn't happening. I did get quite irritated as I normally do with the freaking stupid drivers. People think just because they are in another state they shouldn't do the speed limit. Of course, many were residents; but get a grip people. If you are going to drive, at least do somewhere close to the speed limit. I don't how many times we went down the main drag and people were doing 15 to 20 miles under the speed limit. Just so you know, the limit is 50mph; so going 30mph is a big deal when you are doing the speed limit and come up on someone going that slow. Definite road hazard.

All was great until the last day. I noticed my back was sore but for the life of me couldn't figure out why. Now, take into affect that I had been doing quite a bit of driving and of course the boogie boarding and getting knocked on my arse by the waves. HEHE! I wondered why I was sore? That is laughable isn't it?

The drive home was excruciating and that is not an exaggeration. At times the pain was so bad in my lower back I wanted to scream. By the time we got home (after driving 3-4 hours) I wanted my husband to shoot me just to put me out of my misery. I am sure at times he wishes he could do that; but this time he was just nice enough to help me out.

I rested for about a week or so; doing absolutely nothing because of the pain and it seemed to be getting better. SEEMED; what an interesting word. After a week of some relief, the pain was back full force and just kept getting worse. After another week or so I had had it and decided to visit my doctor. He initially put me on anti-inflammatory, pain meds and a muscle relaxer. Within 3 days I was calling crying the pain was so bad; at this point he had me going for physical therapy which helped cause more pain. We finally decided that I needed an MRI.

I thought maybe there was something going on because the pain was so intense. But I didn't really think it was anything that couldn't be taken care of through time. Boy was I wrong! I have been on physical therapy and a mix of drugs including a course of steroids for over two months and it isn't getting any better. With the results of my MRI finally in; we could make a more educated decision.


I visited the Neurosurgeon yesterday. Although my choices for treatment of the now diagnosed L4-L5 "large" disk herniation along with a L5-S1 bulge aren't much different from what I have been doing; there is one or two slight variations. Now I am scheduled for an epidural steroid injection along with the possibility of having back surgery.

I am trying to hold off on the back surgery decision until I see how these injections fair. I do not want surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. Although not being able to move, stand, sit and even lay down for any length of time is difficult; the worst is the pain I get in my "love triangle" region and the numbness. Which at times can interfere with "bodily functions"! Yes, you just need to know that correct? LOL

So, aside from all of that drama the family and I are doing well. The kids are doing well in school, Logan is playing soccer and my 13 and 8 year old want to join in on the soccer playing as well. It definitely helps that my husband played soccer for most of his young adult life; so he is our family expert when it comes to all things soccer.