Monday, April 23, 2007

Family humor

So those of you with little boys and those that are boys/men will enjoy this bit of humor from my family that happened this weekend.

I had my daughter go take a shower, well my son who is only 8 decided he wanted to take a bath with biggie. He is old enough to notice "things", but still innocent enough that hey, a shower/bath with sis is no big is what transpired.

So my daughter asks me in the car Saturday if Ian told me what happened in the bath tub the night before? I stated, no and she asked him if he wanted to tell me; he vehemently stated no, she could tell me. Anyway, she proceeds to tell me that her brother asked her a question about his penis. I think she even said the word "penis" which of course I was quite impressed; only because she gets so embarrassed about these things; as children should....right?!! Her brother was having issues with his not "going down"; yes I said that! My 8 year old had an erect penis...poor guy. He doesn't really understand why this happens (of course neither do I); only in the sense of it happening so randomly.

Now you know of course I had to giggle. He was so serious; he did decide to get in on the conversation once his sister let the cat out of the bag so to speak. He was like, "Mom, why does it do that?" "It wouldn't go down", he said again. His sister laughed and told me that she told him not to worry and that she didn't know either.

I explained that sometimes these things just happen to boys and not too worry. There is nothing wrong and it is perfectly normal.

What a conversation to have while your driving in Saturday traffic!


So I remember another instance where my son and his penis became part of our conversation. This one just between he and I.

He awaken one morning when he was about 4 or 5ish of course to; what else? An erect penis. For those that don't have kids or boy; yes, this is normal. All boys get erect penises during sleep or wake up with them; even babies. It is just part of their anatomy.

I noticed he kept pushing on his underwear. I asked him, "honey, what's wrong?" He said," Mommy, it won't go down and it is bugging me." I laughed so hard. He must of thought mommy was totally nuts. Well, anyone who knows me knows I am nuts...but that is beside the point.

I advised him that it would "go down" eventually and not too worry. He finally left it alone; but I will have these conversations ingrained in my head for years to come. I can't wait until he gets married; oh the stories I will tell. :)


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kittenpower said...

nice penis stories :)

Laura said...

Awe, thanks Kitten. Yes, the penis is a funny thing isn't it?

Slick said...

Heeeey, it's not a funny thing! Funny lookin' maybe :)

It always the "randomness" that most embarrassed me anyways.

Ooooo, nice lookin' laptop.