Sunday, March 25, 2007

Woe is me.....

I am awake; I think. I really shouldn't be awake, even though it is 9:15 in the AM. I normally get up around 7ish, but hey, I had a rough day of driving and didn't get home until after 9 PM last night. Of course, then I had to get on the good 'ole pc, like it is my lover and surf, comment, surf, play games. You know the drill! By the time it was all said and done my clock was screaming at me...."Woman it is after midnight, get your ass off of that chair sitting in front of me and go get that much needed beauty sleep"! Wow, what a pissy computer I have!

So, as I was saying; I had a lot of driving yesterday. Well, to my legs and feet and brain it was a lot of driving. I can only handle so much of that type of activity. I mean really; as I have stated before, my 5 children have wiped out most of the important brain cells.

Me and 2 of my children left around 2pm to drive to Northern VA; we live in the Richmond Metro area, for those that are familiar...more specifically, Southside. We maybe got 10 miles and realized we needed to eat, so off to Mickey D's. Not bad, I told the kids as I am poor we needed to get food off the dollar menu. Hey, that really works. I spent only $9.99 on what would normally cost $20. Not too bad of a savings eh? Ok, getting off topic here.

We get our food and we are on our way; again. The ride was pretty uneventful. Traffic was tolerable until we hit the other side of Fredericksburg. Well, I know that area is normally really backed up, so I wasn't surprised. What I was surprised with was the accident in the southbound I95 lanes that was backing up the northbound lanes. WTF gives people? We are doing 70 plus mph and you are going to decide to brake because a tractor trailer has jackknifed off the side and down into a gully (a deep one at that) on the other side of a 6 lane highway? You are going to make me brake when I have places to go and people too see. I mean, I am trying to make it to my daughters Color Guard competition....get the "Freak out of my way". Yes, that is pretty much how it goes in my car. I'm talking to myself and screaming and yelling and my kids are like: oh my gosh, mom needs a straight jacket.

Thankfully that little traffic snafu did not last long and before we knew it we were getting off the wrong exit. Yes, I said it, the wrong exit. Okay, let me explain. Even though I know were this high School is located, I still manage to go the wrong direction. I took the "first" exit ramp instead of the "second" ramp. Can we say major "brain fart" moment. Since there was not good place to turn around, I had to go out of my way about 5 minutes which mainly is because of traffic lights. Then by the time I got us turned around, made it through traffic we were 10 minutes late. Guess what....we missed the &*^*&ing competition. All the work for nothing and I was a bit upset. To be honest, it was my fault in not leaving early enough, but hey, I have an excuse.....CHILDREN.

We did get to see my daughter, who is graduating High School this year. Damn I feel old! I did get a picture of her in her Color Guard uniform and we had nice conversation for about an hour, so all was not lost. Wait, my adventures in traffic are not over!

My 15 year old daughter was at her home and wanted us to stop by; even though it was 30 minutes out of our way; I was the good mommy and went by to say hello. Well, on the guessed it....there was another accident. This time it looks as though some station wagon was coming off an exit and some how managed to hit someone or someone hit it; demolished the front end and caused it to face on coming traffic from the on ramp. If that doesn't make sense I can always draw you a picture.....

How's that? Does that depict it accurately; not really? There was a ton more cars than I am showing, but you get the gist of the day. I95 is not only a parking lot on most days, especially during rush hour, but people cannot seem to even give us some peace on the weekends and make it accident free. Is that too much too ask for? An accident free weekend; where I can drive freely without traffic woes? Na, I didn't think so. Oh well, at least I got to wine. That is all that is really important; wining that is. My hubby just loves it when I wine....*snickers*!

All in all, it was a great day with my great kids, once I got rid of the idiots on the road! Oh and don't forget to comment on my artistic abilities. In my defense, this was a quick rendition that took all of 5 minutes. Go easy on me!


Demon23... said...

Driving is as much as slamming your face into a cement brick.

good for you that you survived the ordeal, let me rephrase that. It is good that you did not become "super" mom and deck some idiot drivers.

What an intense weekend. My weekend consists of "when are we going to do laundry?" my girlfriend asks. My reply "when ever you are ready to do it honey" an hour or two later I am folding.

Laura said...

You are so funny! Hey, I need you in my house. Some one else do the laundry? Here? That is laughable. I am the laundry doer, floor cleaner/moper, duster, window washer, butt wiper, accountant, referee, sex slave....I know there is more, but hey; the day is still young. ;)

Even though my Saturday was intense, my Sunday wasn't. Thank God for Sundays!

Demon23... said...

sex slave? Really? hmmm. you dirty. :D

Laura said...

"closet freak" comes to mind...hehe. ;)

kittenpower said...

I wish I had a chaffeur...
Really, I do. I would love for someone else to have to deal with the bullshit on the road. But only if they are a better driver than me. If they are worse, then I want to drive.