Saturday, March 24, 2007

Easiest Bust Every.....

Can we say DUMB? OMG, how dumb do you have too be to get caught carry pot, but not just carrying pot in your car or having it in your home. I mean, you get caught because you are not only high (don't get pulled over), no, you are high and then crash into the STATE POLICE of South Carolina. Man, if I had those kind of smarts I think I would be in a "World's Dumbest Criminals" video.

Check this out:

" Car carrying pot crashes into trooper's cruiser
POSTED: 2:15 p.m. EST, March 6, 2007
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ORANGEBURG, South Carolina (AP) -- It might have been one of the easiest drug busts in the history of the South Carolina Highway Patrol: A car with 43 pounds of marijuana crashed into a trooper's cruiser, authorities said.

The easy bust happened after two patrolmen parked their cars in each lane of northbound Interstate 95 near Santee early Sunday morning following a series of wrecks that had tied up traffic, Highway Patrol Capt. Chris Williamson said.

A Chevrolet Malibu going about 70 mph hit one of the cruisers, causing minor injuries to the trooper behind the wheel, Williamson said.

Officers found two large duffel bags in the trunk with 43 pounds of marijuana in plastic bags, worth more than $150,000, Orangeburg County deputy Warren Pendry said.

They also found a few marijuana cigarettes and cocaine, Pendry said.

The 54-year-old driver from Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, was charged with driving under the influence, possession of cocaine and trafficking marijuana, authorities said.

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Slick said...

Geeez-us, takes all kinds of people but them idiots take the cake!!

Demon23... said...

Idiots are never in short supply. No matter what group... idiots are all around us, in day to day affairs.

You would think the cartels would be able to hire better workers... they generate enough money. All I know is America pays 20 billion a year on the war on drugs and all that has done is got more people killed and made the drugs a more lethal purity... plus a larger demographic of users, because dealers rarely check for ID.

My point being... The cartels are one of the most powerful drug kings in the world, next to the Mafia, and the Triads. Why can't they hire better drivers... money is no object. Wait what am I saying? Congress can't even find politicians that don't steal and flirt online with teenager boys...hmmm what do pay them a year 136,000?

Laura said...

Hey D23, did you see the news about the study about...yada yada..hehe.

Really, there is a story out there about some study in England I think, has to do with the classification of drugs and what we view as harmful; what is harmful and what really isn't . Cigs and Alcohol being top...of Mary Jane being lower on the totem poll....woohoo...does that mean I can go score me some? ;)

bobbarama said...

Just guessing that guy was arrested on Felony Dumb charges. Geez. Amazing. Thanks for the laugh.


Ya know, now that I think about it, he could have saved everyone some extra trouble by crashing into the jail.

Laura said...

Hey Bob,

Don't you need to go to bed or something? LOL I am one to talk, it is currently 12:15 am East Coast. ;)

I really wish I could've been there to see that bust. I bet those cops will be laughing about that for a while to come.

Demon23... said...

450,000 Deaths a year from smoking

50,000 in alcoholic related deaths.

0 from Marijuana.

Pulled from Federal Census.

Even if you state 10,000 idiots who drive under the influence of Mary Jane, and they kill people around 10,000 total... does not begin to dent either of the above legal drugs.

Drugs produced legally for over the counter sale produce more then several billion a year in America alone.

Would kinda hurt the powerhouses that be, who lobby our congress if a plant that could be grown in some ones back yard or in their house for that matter.

So to keep our special lobbyists in business and Americans fed on painkillers and spending billions on them, we let the drug king pins rule our inner city and fill our prisons with nonviolent offenders and increase the repeat offender rate.

I am one of them scary Libertarians.

I normally do not post my views like this anymore. That is why I did not write a post. :D

Laura said...

I don't mind your view D23. Refreshing!

I think it is ridiculous the way marijuana is treated. They give more credence to alcohol and cigs and of course the prescrip. narcotics. Prescrip narccotics are really bad or can be in the wrong hands. I love em when I am in pain

If my choice was pot (and it helped me manage pain), narcotics (prescrip pills--that didn't help much) or nothing. I would take the pot. I have a lot of political views I haven't posted YET. I am afraid I won't stop if I get started.

You are correct though. There really isn't any GOOD scientific data to keep pot especially as medical use; out of citizens hands.

Hope you had a good weekend! ;)

kittenpower said...

Yes, I think the pot should be legalized and monitored. Think of how the gov't could bank!!! They'd just need to tax it. People would move on and start to drink coffee, or they would pay. No big deal.

Seriously...alcohol and cigarettes are that way and they do great. We have probs with under-agers, but there is no black market (for the most part). And the black market side of the issue is what makes it so dangerous.

PS the guy from the bust is a moron.