Saturday, March 24, 2007

Brain Drain....

So I recently went to this site bobbarama and laughed my head off. Now, now D23 don't be getting jealous; you are my "first"!

All kidding aside, I realized that I am just not writing enough about the humorous happenings in my life. I usually just post about what interests me that day, which is fine; but so much goes on in life that you just have to laugh at; why shouldn't I share. Well, I guess it is because by the time I actually have the ability to sit down and write about it, it has left my wee little mommy drained brain. Yes, I know that was redundant, but hey, it is the truth. How much brain power do I really have left at the end of the day to write about all the funnies of life? Not much, but I think I need to start making more of a concerted effort. What do you think?

I like perusing the news and trying to find all the "crazy" crap happening in the world. It is amazing how freaking ridiculous us humans really are. What's funnier is when it is happening to someone else and I am not the one acting like a complete idiot. Which, on those rare occasions, does happen.

I need some motivation today people. I need to clean up my house; which I let slide all week. Of course on the precept that I was actually working (well I did work all week, but not so much that I couldn't do my "womanly" duties--barfs profusely); when in reality I just didn't feel like lifting a finger to make my house look oh so pretty for five minutes and watch my family turn my beautiful, picture perfect home into a pig sty faster than the speed of light.

Off to cleaning I go! Wish me luck that I am able to return with some insanity left to dish out!


Demon23... said...

You are amusing in your own. You have a lot of life in you, the way you act is endearing. You are just that cool. Hmm you need a shirt that says that. Tell you're husband that you need a shirt that says that.

Laura said...

You are way too sweet to me. :) I did manage to straighten up my living room, desk is still a bit messy, but could be worse. Oh, and I vaccumed downstairs. But there is still some sweeping, moping, dusting and lets not forget the kitchen. Well, with 5 people and a cat what do I expect, right? At least my cat doesn't stink up my house; I make sure the 13 yr old cleans the litter every freaking day...LOL.

I think I may just have to get that kind of shirt D23. I think I could make that up myself via photoshop and cafepress...what do you think?