Monday, March 26, 2007


Yes, this is a post about fires. In particular "home fires", such as; you have an electrical short somewhere in your home and it catches fire.

On my local news this morning there was "Breaking News" about a house fire in Richmond City that claimed a 4 year old child's life and critically injured several others; there were 13 total living in the house. I am not here to bash the fact there were 13 people living in a small house, although the Fire Marshall did state there were too many for the house size (I couldn't believe he said that on air!). I am actually going to talk about "smoke detectors". There were none in this house. Why the hell not!!???

Come on people, in the US our Fire Departments give them out for FREE; at least in my state. Yes FREE! If it is a matter of pride because you cannot afford them, screw PRIDE and get off your butts and go get the smoke detectors NOW. I feel extremely sad for this family, but one thing I cannot and will not accept is the negligence involved in allowing 13 people to live in a dwelling with no smoke detectors.

I know it is politically incorrect to fuss at people when they are down and are going through hell; which I am sure this family is; going through hell right now. But I hate politically correct. I shun PC behavior; it is for WUSSES. They are not sure if 2 of their other children will live. Sad, so sad. But it is a good possibility if they had smoke detectors they could have gotten out; alive with minor injuries. Unfortunately for them and the community, there may now be 3 little babies lives lost instead of just the one; which is one too many in my opinion.

You can view the video footage here:


Please, I beg of you; go to your local Fire Department. Find out if they have a program where you can get smoke detectors FREE. If they do and you cannot afford to pay for them, get them there. It is your life and the life of your family that benefit.

If you don't care about yourself enough to do it, then do it for those babies you have; whether they are little or not. Think of them! That is being a responsible parent.

Also, once you have them; don't forget to check them. Batteries die, corrode etc. It does no good to have a smoke detector and not have it working.

Ok, that is my PSA for the day....I hope! :)


Adventures in Baby Fat said...

That's a very good public service announcement. I can't believe people don't have them/don't check them even now when we know they save lives.

Of course, I might be anal. Our house burnt down when I was 4.

Still, I can't sleep at night if I even suspect that it's time to check the detectors or change their batteries.

Good job.

Laura said...

Thank you! I appreciate that. I really was expecting someone to fuss at me for labeling a family as negligent when they are going through hell right now. But I feel so strongly about this; I couldn't let it slide.

It all comes down to responsibility. :)

kittenpower said...

I agree with you laura. This scenario was potentially avoidable, and the household was so backwards on this fire alarm issue, that there is one confirmed death and two possiblities. Their ignorance is a tragedy.

Demon23... said...

There are many, many, many people in world. Most of whom are stupid and there is nothing left to eat them. So nature answers the call through other variables.

Slick said...

That's one of the benefits to living in an apartment. They reguarly check all smoke detectors.

The rest of the reasons are because I'm lazy and I'm not a handyman...but, you know.