Monday, March 5, 2007

The insanity of it all.....

Wow, do any of us remember what is was like to be a pre-teen? Or even what it was like to turn 13? Well, I have a daughter turning 13 this week and she had one of those "sleep overs" girls are always talking about.

I was lucky though, I was able to get rid of all of my children Friday and have some peace and quite while other moms and dads tended to my children. :) But that was so I could rest for what was too come. 4 pre-teens in a normal middle class house, over night, no drinking, no drugs (mom could have really used them) and incessant discussions about boys and the internet. Thankfully the two did not go hand in hand.

This Saturday started out pretty normal. I got up early and started in on my cleaning and managed to have the house looking really nice. Why? I am not really sure. What did I really think was going to happen when "the girls" came over. Did I think they would be neat and clean just because they are girls? Well, if I did I was sadly mistaken.

I had forgotten how caddy girls that age could be. Wow, I will remember not too invite more than one friend at a time for a sleep over again. All they did was bicker, well, not really ALL, but close enough. I felt like a freaking referee at a womens boxing match at times. Not that they were physical with each other; I will not tolerate such behavior. They just were so petty and whinny. Now I remember why I didn't not like that age; when I was that age.

Not all was bad. They helped my daughter welcome in her 13th Birthday. Enjoyed playing with each other and even stayed up late like little girls are supposed to do. For all my complaining, I am glad my daughter was able to have fun with her friends and to me that is what is important. Now, my 10 year old, when she turns 13, I will have learned a valuable lesson; I hope, and will not be doomed to repeat.


Demon23... said...

Kids are insane. They are so much more passionate then most of us, now that sounds like a compliment but not really, it is more of a double bladed sword and depending on which way the wind is blowing it could + or -. I have 1 little one and another on the way due 9/3/07. I have to say that children are the sweetest things but man... what work!

Athomemom25 said...

So true demon. I love my kids and wouldn't give them up for anything, but damn they can be a handful. Different ages offer different challenges. One thing I do like about having kids; they offer quite a bit of amusement in my life. Sometimes I think my life would be rather boring without them. Congrats on the new coming. :)