Thursday, March 1, 2007

Road Rage....

No one likes to admit it, but we all have a bit of road rage in us some times. I am no exception. I was thinking today as I was driving back home from working; how much I really dislike some drivers.

What are you thinking when you get behind the wheel of a car and cannot even manage the simplest of driving tasks? Driving even remotely close to the speed limit seems to be a horrid task for some. How about the person who is driving the speed limit and then suddenly brakes to make a turn; but no turn signal. Can we say…WTF are you thinking? Are you trying to make it so I hit you in the ass-end? I mean come on.

I don't follow closely, I don't like it done too me, so I make an assertive effort not to do it to other drivers. So when someone does suddenly brake, I normally can "suddenly" stop without much fanfare, but you know, it is freaking scary.

I had an instance last evening. I am driving down one of our back roads (only 2 lanes-one coming and one going) and this jerk (he/she) pulls out in front of me. I guess this person figured since they are driving an SUV they have right of way? Who knows, I just like making ridiculous accusations like that. So, any way, I will say "he" just for the sake of the story; pulls out in front of me. Ok, I deal with it. Then in a 45 mile zone, they are doing 30 mph. Yes FREKING 30. Ok, so you can't run some one over to get them out of the way; but sometimes I do wish I could.  They finally start speeding up and low and behold, they cannot decide which side of the road is theirs. Oh, come on people. Didn't you ever take a driving class or learn via pictures. Double yellow lines mean don't pass/cross over; dooh. This person is weaving and bobbing all over creation; of course while talking on their cell phone. Well, anyone with a grain of sense would realize, hey, I am in a large SUV, it isn't stable, and I could really get in an accident, maybe I should put the cell phone down and be careful. You don't even have to drive an SUV to realize that.  I like SUVs, but not when an idiot is driving one. Okay, so now, this slow ass, pulling out in front of me moron (which I basically had gotten over) starts all this swerving. It scared the crap out of me. I backed off even more; still managing to keep a decent speed (I hate going slow, can you tell?) when they just BRAKE. Yes, BRAKE HARD. They turned onto a side street, no signal, nothing. Wow, where is a police officer when you need one. Oh, as my friend says; "pulling over the moms just trying to get to their new job and not knowing where the hell they are."

Don't get me wrong, I love our Law Enforcement. For the most part, they are a great bunch of men and women who risk their lives everyday too protect us; but why can't they be where I want them, when I want them to help protect me from strangling the idiot driving in front of me. My 2 cents!!!


pamela said...

I believe in car karma. For every person you let in (that you didn't have to) you get a good parking spot and so on. So by not freaking out and laying on your horn you are gaining good car points in this little game of life.
Secretly giving someone the bird does not take points away unless someone sees it.

Demon23... said...

See if you had the powers of Magneto
Then you would not need "car karma".

I do not know if the link I pasted is going to work the way I want it to. I hope it does, because if it doesn't it would be rather lame. Then again it would be just as lame if it did work. Hmmmm. yeah... I am the loser in the special Olympics.

Demon23... said...

sweet it worked.

Athomemom25 said...

Haha, demon. I know who Magneto is, but thanks. Now I get to see him a perrty on the pc. Yes, I misspelled that on purpose.

pamela, car karma? Hummmm, not quite sure I care about car karma..hehe..., but ya know, I think I did real good not laying on my horn anyway. But I was giving him a verbal tongue lashing in my car, with the music blaring where no one could here me. ;)