Sunday, February 25, 2007

So my friend Midwest and I are talking today; of course we do this everyday as we are in the same business; but today was just a FUN chat day. We were talking about some of our likes/dislikes and I found out she has an affinity for Egypt and all things relating. I can say she is quite knowledgeable in this area and I am not. I am quite interested though and her realizing my interest gave me some wonderful information on a one Mr. Graham Hancock. There are some amazing books and I am sure I have seen him on either Discovery or PBS or some such program; although I could be wrong.

Below is one of the videos that I am currently watching and I will finish all three hopefully tonight and fill everyone in later. Really amazing the insight he gives to other civilizations and their connections to one another. Enjoy!

"Quest for the lost civilization Part 1"


Demon23... said...

your blog is so polite... I feel odd being here, yet happy.

You have all the nice things a blog should have.

If you ever are interested in hurting your intelligence and or ability to think... come by my blog.

Oh your previous post... uh, how do I say this: You should never apologize for anything you write. I am guessing that you do not post many strong extreme opinions...

My question to you is, who cares if anyone takes offense?

I dig the wholesome blog. Rock on with that.

Athomemom25 said...

Thanks demon. I might seem "wholesome" or somewhere there abouts, but if you only knew. ;)