Monday, February 26, 2007

Please, can I barf now?

I came across this little tidbit of news while perusing Google for news worthy of a good bitching. Wow did I find it. Can you believe these "groups"? When did it become O Kay to not take responsibility for your own eating? I know for many people; being overweight is a burden; not caused by over eating. Of course there are many that either don't eat the right foods, don't eat enough (your metabolism slows when you don't eat enough calories), eat when they shouldn't (like if depressed or bored) or some other issue; medical or not. To say that restaurants are contributing or are the cause of our nation's obesity issues is just ludicrous. You can put the fork down, you can chose not purchase a certain type of meal/food. I don't pretend to be skinny as I am not. I come from a large family (size) and I have had 5 children. I don't have a high metabolism, but at least I am working on it and I don't complain and try to make it someone else's fault. This is my issue (if I chose it to be so) and no one else's. These groups that say they want to "help" this person or that person are just full of crap and are only out for the all mighty buck. They are just part of the "sue happy" generation that I am not proud to be part of. Please people, learn to accept responsibility and stop blaming everyone, every company and every thing. Basically, grow the "F" up.

As quoted from Google News

"Group Accuses Restaurants Of Promoting Extreme Eating

POSTED: 6:11 pm EST February 26, 2007
UPDATED: 6:14 pm EST February 26, 2007
A public interest group said many U.S. restaurant chains offer single food items packed with a day's worth of calories.

Uno Chicago Grill's pizza skins, a Starbucks scone, and Ruby Tuesday's fresh chicken with pasta are all examples of what the Center For Science in the Public Interest calls mega meals.

In Washington, D.C., the group charged these restaurants and others with promoting extreme eating."