Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saving Money and Shopping Lists

Most of us that attempt to save money by creating detailed shopping list, clipping/gathering our coupons, etc. also know how time consuming this can be. I am hoping this new little tidbit will save at least a few minutes of that precious time when trying to get all your shopping organized. I became a member of A Full Cup some time back, but with so many sites to visit and weed through, sometimes I just forget to visit. Well, I am definitely visiting more often now, if for nothing more than their sales shopping lists. According to the newsletter:
You will find a list of the current weekly store specials matched with all of the available coupons out there. This list can save you lots of time in planning your trips, and it is also a great way to quickly see the best deals of the week!

Don't hesitate to stop by A Full Cup, sign up, check out the forums and the shopping lists and reap the benefits.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like a worthy site for sure. I try to have my menu and shopping list ready to go before I hit the grocery store. Thanks for sharing this site and for stopping over at my blog.


Laura said...

Yes, A Full Cup is full of information and helpful hints. Can't wait to see your photo.

Holly said...

I need sites like this...I cannot seem to master the art of grocery shopping.

Laura said...

Holly, I still have issues. I know I do not save near as much as I could because I swear clipping, organizing..etc is a full time job.