Monday, March 29, 2010

Dreary Rain with a Chance of Cold

Not just a chance of cold, but definitely a cold virus. I had been sneezing all last week thinking it was just allergies; ha was I wrong. Now not only am I sneezing constantly, but my sinuses (nose especially)are fully blocked and my head is freaking killing me.

Will I die? No! Don't be so dramatic...haha, but I dare say I do feel like utter crud.

Add the virus to a dreary rain (heavy downpour type) and you have the makings of a BEAUTIFUL day!

Coming up later....Funny Monday!


Holly said...

Hope you feel better...I have been a prisoner with both sick kids since Thursday pm...UGH!

Laura said...

Thanks, I appreciate that. I know it's just a cold but darn if they don't make you feel really crappy. Hopefully gone in a few days. :)