Saturday, March 27, 2010

Date Night? More Like Fight Night!

I am heading out this evening after spending much of the morning cleaning downstairs (with the help of my children because of my shoulder). I think using the vacuum cleaner did not help my shoulder one bit. I know it didn't technically harm it, but it sure as heck hurt when I finished. I took some ibuprofen and then played on the PC a bit.

Hubby (who practices Jui Jitsu) and I (who practices domestic life with a sprinkle of sitting on my bum) are going to a friends house for UFC night. If any of you are not familiar, it means watching two (so they appear) grown men beat each other with a combination of grappling (wrestling) and some form of boxing (mostly Thai). I do enjoy a good fight or two, but I like interesting fights. Sometimes they turn out to be rather boring. I will venture to say tonight shall not be boring; there be too many people tapping the keg (I figure on being DD) oh joy!

Well, I am off and if I am lucky I will capture some funny pictures of the drunk, I mean happy people tonight!