Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

I cannot believe this year has passed (it seems) so quickly. I really think the end of the year arrives well before I am ready; well are we ever ready?

I am officially back. After months of sporadic posting and nothing much to say (so I thought), I have decided to pick my blogging back up. It probably helps that I am not really working much right now and any small change I can pick up will help.

The best thing about blogs, they just keep going

I have had difficulty even getting a retail job, now that is sad. Not sure if it is just because there are so many applicants, too few positions or if since I am older (wow almost 40...hehe) and they want younger. Whatever the reason, Kohls, CVS, Walmart, Kmart, Old Navy...etc., do not seem to want this woman who is willing work her tail off to make some extra money for her family.

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I do know that no matter my money making situation, I am very blessed and so much more than many others out there.

Take care!