Friday, May 22, 2009

No Apologies, Just Facts

While sometimes I say to myself, "I really suck at this whole blogging thing." I realize, sometimes life gets in the way and blogging because the last thing on a long list of things to do.

In the past I have apologized for not blogging regularly, especially since I blogged almost everyday for two years. Well, no apologies this this time. I just have not felt like blogging. My life has been so busy I just did not feel the need to blog. It does not help I have a tendency to get bored and I think I was caught in a bit of a rut.

Why would anyone want to really read what I have to say? Maybe for the same reasons I read other bloggers, but am I one to follow? Not as on late!

Sometimes I do not feel nor do I think anything I have to say is all that great. If you think differently, let me know, but I do not ever want to be that person who thinks, "I am so great everyone should be listening and reading what I have to say."


Demon23... said...


Hello, Laura.
It be d23, saying hi after a year of silence.

Do not apologize, I don't.

Fuck they blogger community, it is meant to serve the writer.

Influence is bad ass, and I enjoyed reading all the things u posted about in the past.

siteseer said...

I use the blog for me. No pressure. If you want to spill it go for it. If we want to read it same goes. But just be yourself.