Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Proud Wife

What can say? I love my husband; even if he does get on my nerves most of the time.

That being said, I am so proud of him!  He was able to attend graduation ceremonies

Saturday evening and once he finishes his last three weeks of class, he will officially have a BS in IT (Information Technology) with an emphasis on MIS (Management of Information Systems).  His next goals are the certificates that can only help him in the long run; those include Cisco and Microsoft Certifications.  From what I understand, they are not easy cert's to pass.  He will need to do a bit more homework I guess. 

I have some wonderful pictures, but somehow missed the one of him actually crossing the stage.  I hoping to get that one from his mom, who of course was there to cheer on both hubby and his brother.  Yes, can you believe it; both of them graduated at the same time.  They pretty much do these type of things together, cracks me up.  They work together, went to school together and even have wives with similar names...sister-in-law is Laurie and I am Laura...weird huh?

As you can see, he is one handsome fellah!  He is the one smiling!



Now, as usual for a family of five (seven if my older two girls are visiting); we have pretty busy weekends.  This past weekend was no exception!  Unfortunately we had to wait until the last minute to purchase a dress for my daughter Chels (14), who had a semi-formal dance to attend at school last Friday night.  So I was quite busy after the kids came from school that day.  I am not sure if her school does this every year, but this year the 8th graders got to have this dance and attend an after party.  Chels had tons of fun and was oh so cute, well cute may not be the right word.  After all, she IS she would say.


She definitely looked older and more grown up!  What amazed me was the transformation Saturday after her hair was cut for Locks-of-Love; WOW!


Back to the dance and after party. 


Chels had a great time at the dance, but apparently wasn't too interested in dancing with any boys.  She told me there aren't any at her school she likes, so I guess that is good, right?  The after party rules were that a parent had to attend with their child.  The 8th graders and parents got to enjoy a ton of pizza and the fun that comes with being at a sports park.  Go-cart racing, batting cages, mini golf were all available for 10 bucks.  Not a bad price huh?  I was going to play and tag along with Chels, but she was having so much fun with her friends I decided to hang back.  Not knowing the other parents, I was kind of bored.  Thankfully, one of the girls from our neighborhood showed up with her dad and since I have met him and sort of know him, we chatted for a bit.489


I know, all that is so interesting isn't it?  Well, it does get a bit better.  Chels comes into where we were sitting just about in tears.  Apparently she went to the batting cages and the pitching machine wasn't aligned correctly.  Because of this, when it pitched the first ball, Chels had to step back.  Unfortunately, she didn't do it fast enough because the baseball hit her thumb at 31 mph.  I had a feeling it was broken by the way it looked.  It swelled immediately, purple, blue and black almost as quickly and the pain never subsided. 

So off to our friendly Orthopedist that we know oh too well.  Yep, she fractured the upper joint closest to her thumbnail.  It is more of a crack, but still.  They put her in a type of splint I hadn't seen before; called a stacked splint.  Because of the swelling, even that hurts.  As usual though, she is tough and is getting along just fine.


Saturday we spent getting our hair cut (all three of us girls), more shopping and sweating our fool heads off.  Omg, it was so freaking hot and humid!  With the A/C out in my car and leather seats, driving around town was not the idea of fun for me.  Saturday night was the graduation and we had dinner after.  Thankfully Sunday, I vegged!

Here is another picture from the graduation and you can even see their cute hairstyles!






Tammy said...

Congratulations to you hubby!!!

K Trainor said...

Awww great pics! :D I had to laugh at your hubby getting a BS in IT. That almost sounds indecent. lolol!

anajz said...

I am new to your blog and enjoyed reading about your husband graduating from college. I returned to my college education at 39 and am thinking about returning now at 50. A tech degree seems prudent these days.
Sorry to hear about your daughter's
thumb and hope that it has healed completely.
Thanks for sharing about your family. :)