Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Fun for May 17-18



As I mentioned, we had a great, but crazy, busy weekend.  Saturday normally starts off with me trying to drag my butt out of bed.  Well, that is not totally true.  If the kids have early soccer games then I get up early and I am good about doing so, but this weekend, well, the earliest game started at 11am.  Hmmm, you know what that meant right?  Yep, it meant, it's lazy recovery time.

I really do not sleep in too late, normally.  I think sleeping in for me is about 8-9 AM and I do not think that is unreasonable.

So, Saturday we get up, get ready, go to the first game; Chels's.  It began at 11AM and ended at around 12:20 PM.  During her game, my boy had a game that started at 12 PM.  I stayed at Chels's game while my daughter Lo took her brother to his soccer game.  They were able to walk there as the fields are in the same complex, about the equivalent of an 1/8 mile or less in distance.  Then Lo, her game started at 12:30 PM.  Her field is right beside her brother's, so that was easy enough.

I made it to my boy's soccer field around 12:30, Lo's game had started.  I was looking back and forth between the games/fields. 

Picture for ya:


Now you can see exactly what it was like for me between Lo and my boy's games. 


As I left Chels's field for my boy's game, because I had the two other children, Chels had to get a ride from a teammate to the team party.  That kind of sucked!  I like to participate as much as possible, but, well, one parent split between three children just isn't a pretty picture.  But we made it work!

Chels got to stay with her teammates and the party for several hours, my boy's team had a get together at an ice cream place; mmmmm was that good after sitting in the sun for three hours.  Thankfully Lo's party wasn't until 5 PM, but because my husband needed my car for work (we are still running off of one vehicle), Lo had to be dropped off and she was driven home by a teammate.  They had their party at Uno's Chicago Pizzeria....yummmy...and I missed it...bummer.  Oh well, less money spent and what is important is my children had a blast.



For some reason, as tired as I was from all of the activity Saturday I could not get to sleep before 1 AM.  What gives?  I wanted to get up and do some work around the house, but that did not happen either.  Finally, I managed to get my butt up about noon and started getting myself and the kids together; we were going to a semi-pro soccer game (Richmond Kickers Futures). 

The game was a lot of fun even though it poured for half the game.  Thankfully there was no thunder or lightening as they kids were the team's ball kids (these are the kids hand soccer balls to players when a ball is kicked out of bounds) and were having so much fun chasing soccer balls in the rain. 

Because they are a semi-pro team, there really wasn't much ball chasing to be done, but it was cute to see them out there working it.  Below are a couple of pictures and I will post a video of part of the game once I get the video converted.

004 011

The two above are pictures of my boy (left) and Chels (right).  I had Chels turn around for this picture and I think there was some glare in her face because she was heavily squinting.

016 020

Above, these two show my boy (left) and Lo (right); each are behind the goals waiting for balls to go out so they can do their job. 


Just an action shot from the game!