Saturday, January 26, 2008

Week in Review

I kind of had blogger's block this week.  Everyday I was trying to come up with something interesting to write and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what I want to write about.

Well, I figured I would just give you a review of my week today.  Nothing too exciting I am sure, but you will get to see how silly we are as a family.



Monday was a holiday for the children as it was MLK day (Martin Luther King Day).  Hubby and I went to get one of the guitars we had purchased with Guitar Hero III replaced; it stopped working the day after the purchase.  It is a used guitar, but Game Stop was nice enough to replace it and thankfully they had another used one available.

That afternoon I took Chels to the eye doctor.  She has horrible eye sight.  One of her eyes is quick a bit stronger than the other and we needed to make sure she didn't have problems with lazy eye or strabismus (cross eyed). The doctor stated her eyes are healthy, but because she was wearing her glasses regularly, he would not be able to get an accurate reading.  He gave her a prescription and told her she needs to wear the glass all of the time



The kids went back to school and I took my son to the pediatric cardiologist; well I tried.  I knew his appointment was around 9AM, but since I hadn't written the appointment down (I thought I had), I couldn't remember everything exactly

I was such a total blond on Tuesday.  My son's appointment wasn't to be until Thursday @ 9AM.  Can we say DOPE?  I got a good chuckle out of it though and he was exciting that he was able to go to school late.

Nothing much else happened, except I went home and ....for some reason I cannot remember what I did.  Oh well, couldn't have been too important huh?


I think Wednesday was pretty uneventful.  I wasn't feeling too great so I vegged on the couch for a good portion of the day.  Later that day; sometime around 2PM I must have received my second wind because I began moving furniture around my living room.  It is still a wreck today, but I did manage to get my desk and couch moved.  I vacuumed under each as well as the rest of the room.  All of the crap that was on my desk is now on the floor waiting for me to go through it; ugh, do I have too?  Yes I do, but not right now.  :)

My husband got up from sleeping (he works nights) and got ready to leave for school.  He laughed at me and said, "Well, I guess you will be whining tonight."  I so wanted to smack him...teehee. 

Of course, later Wednesday night I was so sore (actually hurting) and I hate to admit this, but hubby was almost right.  I whined a little, but still not as much as he does.


Today is the day; my son finally was taken to his pediatric cardiologist, by me of course; but now we not only had the correct day, we also had the correct time.  We really got there about 20 minutes early.  I sat and knitted and he played the DS Lite. 

He was a bit nervous as he has never been to a specialist before.  He did really well though.  The performed an EKG or ECG (electrocardiogram) to see how his heart rhythm was doing.  After listening to his heart and discussing some of his problems the doctor then did an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart).  My boy absolutely loved this and thought it was so cool he could see his heart. 

Once all was said and done the doctor and I discussed the face he needs to wear an event monitor to record his heart rate for 30 days.  Because he had three episodes of tachycardia in a month, the cardiologist seems to think we should have no issues with getting the abnormal rhythm recorded; lets hope. 

It is quite aggravating not knowing what is causing this issue and not being able to correct it.  He is only 9 and when you have your little boy (only boy) come to you crying that his heart is hurting, you can't help but worry, just a little.  I couldn't even count his pulse rate.  It was racing so fast, it wasn't humanly possibly to count.

After my son's appointment I drove down to my mother's for a visit.  She helped me pick out some beautiful fabrics.  Since I forgot to bring them home yesterday, you don't get to see any pictures of it; what a bummer, right?  Don't worry, when I recover my kitchen chairs and make my curtains I will show you.


I drove back yesterday from my mother's house.  Traffic was pretty easy, but because I didn't sleep well the night before I so wanted to fall asleep while I was driving.  I got home and crashed.  I didn't take a nap, but I did flop on the couch and just about die.  I did some knitting, went to bed about 11 PM and slept pretty well. 


See, I told you nothing too exciting.  Unless you count going to the same doctors office twice in two days (because of a brain fart), taking another child to the doctors...etc., etc.

I am off to surf the net and do some more knitting!  Hope you are all having a great weekend!