Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Well, go catch it! Or something like that, am I right? Most of us know that little childhood joke don't we? Well, it happened to me in real life this weekend.

Ha,ha; no, I don't mean I received a prank call or my kids asked me that silly question. It was a question I ended up asking myself after finding the water still unfrozen in my freezer Sunday night. I had put the water tray (ice tray) in the night before. While I knew something was fishy with that, everything still seemed cold so, for some reason it just didn't register my refrigerator wasn't running until I noticed my pork chops weren't frozen bricks of pork any longer.

Now, I can't say that your refrigerator going on the fritz is something to be worried about; but when you have just spent $150 at the grocery store to find your refrigerator/freezer combo isn't working up to par; you have a tendency get slightly panicked.

I immediately called my husband, who by this time was at work. He really couldn't do anything except offer advice on what to do with our food (which I was already in the process of rectifying) and well, blah, blah. Do we every really listen to them?

My neighbor was/is a God send. She let us borrow two coolers, ice and plenty of ice packs. I managed to get 2 gallons of milk, 2 gallons of orange juice, 2 lbs of cheddar cheese, salad fixing and much more crammed into the coolers and there they have been since Sunday evening. Yes, they are still in the coolers as I type this; well, except for one pound of cheese; we ate that.

Since we rent the house, thankfully we do not have to purchase another refrigerator; wewh, what a load off my shoulders. The drawback though, we have to wait for them to purchase the new refrigerator, so in essence, we are at their mercy. The maintenance guy liked my description of the symptoms so much, he said he didn't need to come diagnose the problem; it is evident the compressor is shot (he actually stated the compressor seems to have shorted out).

Are we having fun yet?

Well, not really! There is a bright side though; I get a new refrigerator. I just wish it was going to be my dream refrigerator.

We found out today the refrigerator should be delivered tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed. Soon I will have a new food (would prefer fattening) closet aka refrigerator.

UPDATE: Our new refrigerator was just delivered. It is a bit deeper (thank you), so I can fit more delicious food; but alas, it isn't my dream frig. Boohoo! Oh well, I guess I have to actually purchase one of those for myself huh? Bummer! At least I will have a nice, new, clean and COLD frig to work with now.


~Billie~ said...

What a pain to have to store your food in coolers! At least you will get a new fridge - and hopefully SOON. YAY!!

Laura said...

Thanks Billie, yes, glad we finally got a new one. :)

FENICLE said...

We had our garage fridge go out like this & I had just purchased (and stored in it) a lot of frozen meat!!!

I am glad that you got a new one.

Demon23... said...

I am finally here (it was a long trip, quite a few clicks... yeah I am a dork)

How do you get new stuff without buying? Let me in on it.

Liz@thisfullhouse.com said...

I'm with demon23 - getting new stuff, without buying, is cool - good luck with your new fridge. Pray for my dyer (and washer) as well ;o)

Laura said...

thankfully our rental company does that. I have known people who rented houses that had to pay for their own refrigerator.

I wish you the best with the 'dryer' problem.