Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Toy Troubles

Many of us know about all of the toy recalls that have happened within the last few months. Are we all that surprised? Well, I am not; not really. If you think about it; just for a minute; about the fact we "rarely" manufacture these goods in the United States.

As Americans; are we really that taken aback by the fact these products that are "made in China" are hazardous to our children? I would have hoped that the countries that produce these products for children would have been aware of the dangers of lead and other chemicals; but it is apparent that is not the case or they just didn't care. I pray the latter is not true.

All of this to get to the latest news article I just read via CNN. Not only did they mention the recalls of "made in China" toys; but now there is notice that we should be aware of products out there that haven't been recalled even though they pose chocking hazards to children under the age of three. These products have "improperly made it to store shelves" according to the report.

What does this mean? Well, apparently it means you cannot count on our safety standards in the United States. You need, as a parent, to make sure that you are being very diligent with your choices. If you even remotely think that the toy may not be appropriate; despite the "age recommendations" on the package; don't purchase the product. If you find that the product is labeled as age appropriate and then later realize the items present a choking; please contact the CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission).

The one thing I cannot say I agree with is the inclusion of in-line skates, skateboards and other riding toys. Please, before someone comes here and tells me how ridiculous I am; remember, since we have been on this earth, humans have been participating in activities that are not always 100% safe. Should we keep our children from getting physical activity because they could get hurt or possibly die? Do I ever worry about my children every time they walk out our door? Of course; but is that going to keep me from allowing them to have fun and stay healthy; no it is not.

Although I think the government is trying to do good by our children; especially in the matters of lead and choking hazards; I think it goes too far when it brings up the safety issues of the ride on toys, skateboards...etc. Now, I realize they aren't stating that children shouldn't use these items; but really, can't we allow parents to think for themselves? How long have bicycles been around? A freaking long time; yes that is an official time frame; from Moi! :) When I was a kid, did I understand the dangers? To some extent yes. I knew bicycling could be dangerous so I tried to be as careful as possible and I try my damnedest to make sure my children know these dangers too. Give us some credit and let us parent! Not everything has to be "regulated".

As a courtesy, I am going to start keeping up with the recalls and posting them here for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Great post!

It's kind of scary to know that these things happen. It's kind of like the time several years ago when there was arsenic on tylenol... Or was it advil? I can't remember, but people actually died from it. It's just scary.

Laura said...

Yes, I remember the tylenol scare of the '80s/'90s. There were also other instances of tampering; but at least this is not a tampering issue; just what I call a "dumb" issue. Meaning these countries are "dumb" for thinking it is okay to use lead based products. We have known for years the danger of lead. I am just glad these toys are getting the attention they deserve!

Wendy said...

I have a link on my site (just posted it) that has a directory for made in America toys. There's quite a lot there too. Maybe you could share it with your reader's too. :)
It's at my Adventures of a Suburban Wahm blog. I sure hope this doesn't seem spammy! Just seemed like the right place to share!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Laura said...

Wendy; not at all. I welcome the information concerning "made in America" toys. I prefer all products to be made in America; sometimes they are difficult to find.