Monday, November 19, 2007

Family weekend fun

Do you mind me whining? I think I am entitled; right? After five kids, husband, cat and snake; I should be tired right? Well, let me add in a weekend long soccer tournament that Low was in, hubby had to work all weekend (nights). It was just me and the kiddos.

All was not bad! Two of them got invited to a friends house to spend the day and night with; so Low and I had this time all to ourselves. Low is eleven and loves her soccer. It is her first year playing and she is doing very well; even some of the parents on the opposing teams made comments on how well she did in goal. But see, I transgressed. I need to get back on pain! That is alll that is important right? Me? Not the fact that even though my daughter's team lost, they did awesome; or the fact that she has been hurting because she is not used to playing three games in two days. Na, didn't think so! The only one who matters is ME. Oh I crack me up sometimes! All kidding aside; I really am hurting. As some of my readers already know; I have a herniated disc; so certain types of activities cause quite a bit of pain. I also have tendonitis and what is diagnosed as a "shoulder impingement". The reason I bring this up again is explained further:

I went with Low on her field trip today to a local mine. Now, in order to find anything at this mine, you are put in some awful positions; like squating, bending or sitting on big rocks just so you can dig up the dirt to dump in a five gallon bucket. Once you have the bucket full or almost full; you take it over to the water troughs and use the screens to clean the rocks so that you can see what you have collected and pick what you want. Well, can you guess what a five gallon bucket; 3/4's full of dirt and rock; some the size of baseballs weighs? I don't, but I can say it was at least 20lbs.

While 20lbs isn't a huge amout; it is when you are having back/shoulder issues. So, by the end of our 4 hour visit; I was in quite a bit of pain. It didn't really settle in until I layed my butt down at home for some much needed rest. I went to get up to go to physical therapy and just wanted to cry. My therapist treated me well though and I did manage to get some of my exercises accomplished. So all in all, the pain didn't stop me too much. I just wanted to whine! Now, can I have some cheese?

Back to Low and her soccer. So now that I told you where some of my pain came from; I will tell you this; sitting in the cold air Saturday from 11am to 4pm didn't help the ole shoulder either. But I think Low had it a bit worse. She was the one getting all of the exercise in goal. Both Saturday and Sunday she had some awesome saves (diving, falling, sliding, jumping) and all I can say is that I am so proud of her. Now, she is also whinning; so with my hubby being off tomorrow; you might want to warn him of the two whinning girls in his house. Hubby might just want to leave so he doesn't have to put up with us! :)